Local Government

The School of Public Administration has long recognized the importance of municipal governments and is engaged in a range of research projects and partnerships designed to support municipal government.

Regional Governance Conference 2011

This two-day conference brought together leading scholars from Europe and North America to explore territorial organization, citizen engagement, intergovernmental relations, and policy implications of regional/ metropolitan governance. The conference was the second part of a workshop series exploring different modes of urban and rural governance in North America and Europe. The first workshop entitled Compared Territorial Governance was held in Grenoble, France in June 2010. Click on this link Conference Page for a copy of the program and presentations from the conference.

Local Government Knowledge Partnership

In 2006 the Local Government Institute at the School of Public Administration entered into a partnership with the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development to develop an agenda for research to inform emerging priorities of the government and the MCRD in the Community Charter context for local and community governance in BC. The aim of the agenda is to support the Ministry's professional development, strategic learning and recruitment needs while fostering engagement with other Ministries and external stakeholders.

Led by a steering committee of officials from the Ministry, as well as faculty members Evert Lindquist, David Good, Jim McDavid and Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly, this initiative has produced a number of workshops, conferences and published articles exploring complex policy and governance issues and identifying best practices for the future.

Conferences and Workshops

Local Government Institute

Created in 1995 by Drs. Robert L. Bish and Jim McDavid, the Local Government Institute (LGI) consists of a group of University of Victoria faculty members from the School of Public Administration who are dedicated to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of local governments.

The Institute assists local officials by identifying management practices and production alternatives that result in improved service delivery to local governments in Canada. In addition, the Institute is a forum for exchanging ideas and improving understanding of political and economic issues for Canadian, American and European cities. LGI is one of the founding members of CivicInfo BC , a public non-profit organization dedicated to creating and disseminating information products for local governments.

Originally sponsored by the The Donner Canadian Foundation, LGI continues with funding from grants and research contracts. The LGI is currently co-directed by two of the leading local government scholars in Canada, Drs. Jim McDavid and Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly.

Seminar Series

This yearly seminar series was jointly run by LGI and the School of Public Administration and brought together professionals and representatives of the BC local and provincial governments with faculty and graduate students from UVIC. Seminars covered a variety of topics and were free to the public. LGI and the School of Public Administration would like to acknowledge CivicInfo BC's registration support for the seminar series.

Seminar Summaries