LGI Seminar Series

September 2006-April 2007

Smith, Patrick. "Mainstreet Cascadia: The 'Local' as Key to 'Next Step'-Cross-Border Regionalism in Cascadia". March 22, 2007. Summary

Dupeyron, Bruno. "Cascadia: A Geopolitical Approach". March 1, 2007. Summary

Gal-Or, Noemi. "Insitutional Development for Cascadia:Law and Politics". February 8, 2007. Summary

Seltz, Jennifer. "Epidemic Disease and the Creation of the BC-Washington Border, 1876-1910". January 18, 2007. Summary

Philips, Lisa. "Transitional Identities-Children of Pacifica NW Entrepreneurs and the Effects of the Imposition of the US-British Border". December 14, 2006. Summary

Brunet-Jailly, Emmanuel. "Borderland and Security-Comparing Cascadia to Findings from Eleven other European and North American Border Regions". November 9, 2006. Summary

MacDougall, Allan. "The Rise and Fall of Early Cascadia: Politics and Trade in the Hudson Bay Company Era". October 19, 2006. Summary

Horwitz, Jill. "Letting Good Deeds go Unpunished: The Effects of Tort Liability on Volunteerism". October 5, 2006. Summary

September 2003-April 2004

Pineau, Pierre-Olivier. "Productivity to Reduce Poverty: The Case Study of a Micro Level Institution in Peru". April 16, 2004. Summary

Good, David. "The New Governance of Public Money". March 26, 2004. Summary

Davies, Ian. "Exporting Performance-Based Reforms to Governments in Highly Undebted Poor Countries: Roadmap Out of Poverty or Reckless Experimentation?" March 5, 2004. Summary

Petry, Francois. "How Policy Makers Utilize Public Opinion Poll Results". February 27, 2004. Summary

Warburton, Rebecca. "Improving Patient Safety: Costs and Effects Count". January 30, 2004. Summary

Brunet-Jailly, Emmanuel. "Economic Integration and September 11, 2001: Is There a Security Issue for Canadian-American Cross-border Urban Regions?" January 23, 2004. Summary

Morfitt, George. "Office of the Auditor General: Holding Government to Account for Its Performance". December 19, 2003. Summary

Garcea, Joseph. "Whither Municipal and Local Governance in the 21st Century". November 28, 2003. Summary

Pineau, Pierre-Olivier. "The Treatment of Electricity in the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas (FTAA)". November 14, 2003. Summary

Corntassel, Jeff. "Peoplehood and Indigenous Political Mobilization: Mapping Future Community-Building Strategies". October 17, 2003. Summary

Watson, Lesley. "Striking a Balance: Authority vs Accountability in BC's New Community Charter". September 26, 2003. Summary

September 2002-April 2003

Ding, Lu. "Evolution of China's Urbanization Policy and Implications on Regional Development". March 14, 2003. Summary

McCann, Larry. "Why is the Canadian City Segregated?" February 14, 2003. Summary

Langford, John. "To Click or Not to Click: E-Learning for the Public Sector". February 7, 2003. Summary

Brunet-Jailly, Emmanuel and Kimiyoshi Toyama. "Globalization and Efficient Cities: A Look at Canada and Japan". January 24, 2003. Summary

Brunet-Jailly, Emmanuel. "Municipal Reshuffle - The Canadian Search for an Efficient Model of Local Government - A Comparative Study of Victoria BC, London ON, and Calgary AB". November 29, 2002. Summary

Pineau, Pierre-Olivier. "A Perspective on Competition in the BC Electricity Sector". November 22, 2002. Summary

Gagne, Lynda. "Family Friendly Employee Benefits: Is There a Cost or Do They Come With Good Jobs?" November 1, 2002. Summary

Toyama, Kimiyoshi. "Local Government Systems - Comparing Canada and Japan". October 25, 2002. Summary

Alfred, Taiaiake. "What is Indigenous Governance". October 9, 2002. Summary

Bish, Robert. "Strengthening Local Government vs Strengthening Local Governance". September 27, 2002. Summary

September 2001-April 2002

Whitaker, Reg. "The Implications of September 11, 2001 for Canadian Policy Agendas". April 18, 2002. Summary

Magnusson, Warren. "On the Right of Local Self Government". March 12, 2002. Summary

Jones, Chris. "When Performance Really Matters - Picking the Winners with ProGrid". February 12, 2002. Summary

McFarlane, Lawrie. "The Oversight of Public Administrations: Is the Public Excluded?" January 15, 2002. Summary