Practice information

Nursing practice experiences (practica) in health agencies are an integral part of the BSN program. You'll work with practica coordinators to arrange practice experiences to assist you in meeting course requirements, enhance integration of theory and practice, and foster your career interests.

Practice experience gives you the opportunity to put theory into practice. During this time, you'll get a sense of the real-world responsibilities you'll face after graduation.

Placement planning

Our practice team will contact you four to six months before each practice course. Student placement ideas/options will be balanced with learning needs, program requirements, practice agency availability and nursing regulatory requirements.

In all practice courses, you must arrange your own transportation and bear any costs related to travel or accommodation.

Students at the Victoria campus complete four full-time consolidation experiences (NURS 370, NURS 470, NURS 475, NURS 491) and a community experience (NURS 456) prior to graduation.

You are responsible for knowing the nursing practice requirements and expectations in advance of your practice experiences.

See the School of Nursing Practice Requirements for details on:

  • current basic life support certification
  • personal respirators/masks
  • code of ethics and standards of practice
  • criminal record reviews
  • health insurance coverage
  • immunizations
  • oath of confidentiality

Also see the Faculty of Human and Social Development regulations concerning practica.

BSN Practicum Site Development

If your organization is interested in hosting practicum students please complete this site proposal form and a member of our practica coordination team will contact you.

Practica Team Contacts: 

Practica Coordinators

Practice Team, Administrative Assistant
Phone: 250-721-8502