Dr. Jeannine Moreau

Dr. Jeannine Moreau

Understand, I am always trying to figure out what the soul is, and where hidden, and what shape. (Mary Oliver, 19352019) 

These words of passion and creativity reflect Dr. Moreau’s approach to her work with and contributions to the school and the university; to nursing, health care, and education-focused communities.  

Dr. Moreau received her BSN and MN degrees from the University of Victoria, and her PhD (focusing in Gerontology and Nursing) from the University of Sydney in Australia. She has also focused on Nursing Education (curriculum development, pedagogies, and teaching and learning theory).  

She leaves a strong legacy of service, including numerous leadership roles in the school; membership on UVic Senate, Senate committees, various committees across campus, and the RNABC Education Program Review committee; participation in Health Authority initiatives; lead roles in course and curriculum redesigns; peer reviews for teaching colleagues, academic journals, conference abstracts, and provincial reports. She used creativity and humour in her service, determined to see things inside out, upside down or as simply different when working across differences, ensuring respect and inclusivity, promoting value in diverse ways of knowing and doing.  

In her various administrative roles, whether first Academic Nursing Advisor or first Teaching Professor as Associate Director of Undergraduate Nursing Education, Dr. Moreau was collaborative, always enthusiastic, and diligently committed. She was known to cultivate collegiality to effectively and efficiently get the work done. As coordinator of a BC Academic Health Council grant, she collaborated with several education and health care institutions, successfully creating a student practice education model tailored to older adult care across hospital and community settings.  

 As a Teaching Professor (online, in class, in practicums) Dr. Moreau positioned herself as mentor, supporter, guider, and advocate. Students and peers affirmed her ability to cultivate values of engagement, inclusivity, and respect in the classroom, and to skillfully bring praxis alive for richer understandings of the complexities of nursing knowledge in practice. She explored students’ unique potential to build knowledge co-creatively and imaginatively; how to use self-reflection, experiences, and shared meanings to inform critical inquiry. Many students commented how these processes, steeped in curiosity, imagination, ambiguity, and uncertainty, helped them build intrinsically-motivated habits of analytical, critical, and strategic thought. She shared such strategies with and learned from her exchange teaching experience at Deakin University School of Nursing, Australia, and her many annual academic conference presentations, both local and international. She produced and delivered numerous well-received workshops on myriad topics to peers and colleagues at UVic, across the UVic nursing partnerships and in nursing communities. Dr. Moreau published, with students and for students as well as colleagues, several academic papers and teaching/learning technologies.  

Dr. Moreau received numerous awards throughout her career, most of these related to teaching and scholarship.