New Course! NURS 680: Indigenous Health Nursing Approaches to Wellness

This seminar is focused on Indigenous knowledge generation, reclamation, exchange, translation and mobilization. This process involves thoughtful engagement with local Indigenous Peoples using Indigenous Research Methodologies (IRM) as a way to situate oneself in relation to the histories, wellness experiences and knowledge systems of a distinct population. At its core, this course is an examination of the ways in which Indigenous Knowledges shape the attitudes and wellness practices of Indigenous Peoples, and the impact of colonialist knowledge systems on access to quality healthcare. Through praxis, students will develop an enhanced understanding of holistic healing approaches to engaging with Indigenous wellness research. Intergenerational mentorship will be incorporated to support students to develop their distinct approach as a developing nurse researcher. A process of critical reflexivity will deepen understandings
of the implications and obligations of the role of Indigenous nurses in relationship with, and in service to Indigenous Populations.

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