Dr. Gunther Eysenbach

Dr. Gunther Eysenbach
Adjunct Professor

MPH (Harvard University, USA), MD (Albert-Ludwigs Universität Freiburg, Germany)

Gunther Eysenbach, MD, MPH, FACMI, has a life-long passion for information and communication technologies, knowledge translation and medical information, and has been recognized as the most impactful medical informatician in the world. He studied medicine, computer science, and public health, and, already as a medical student, wrote books and worked for a major scholarly publisher as an Editor.

Dr. Eysenbach is a visionary who recognized the importance of the internet for both medical information dissemination as well scholarly publishers in the 90s. He became a pioneer of the gold Open-Access movement, created one of the first open-access journals, co-founded the OASPA (Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association), and built a respected global publishing firm known for its quality and forward-thinking innovations (one of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies). He is also the co-inventor of TrendMD, a company he co-founded as Chief Science Officer, which is another avenue to disseminate scientific information in a targeted manner. Gunther spends most of his time as President of JMIR Publications, but also invests in innovative startups in medicine and science as an angel investor, holds the position of Adjunct Professor at the University of Victoria, and is working on his charitable organization to help authors from developing countries publish their work.