Learning Central Phase II Launches

UVic’s employee learning registration system Learning Central launched it’s large phase two update on July 21st. The new interface offers learners improved search functionality, course filtering capabilities and performance speed. Learners will be continue to be able to access their learning records including ability to self-report additional courses taken.  Supervisors will continue to be able to view learner records for their direct reports.

Material updates have also been made to the Admin App and administrative function, which allow training groups on campus to seamlessly integrate their courses on Brightspace with the Learning Central registration system – a huge feat of collaboration!

Learners will now be able to register for their mandatory self-paced training and receive email notifications for courses of interest through the updated Learning Central.

Since Learning Central was first launched in 2018, the platform has experienced a 315% increase in the number of courses listed on the website. In 2020 alone, 782 courses were posted for learners on Learning Central.

This update would not have been successful without the commitment and expertise of the project team: Amos Rowsell, Ased Said, Chris Clausen, Elizabeth Errington, Faye Hoffman (now retired), Ivan Petrovic, Margaret Balasamy, Maria-Elena Froese and Sarah Howe. Thank you for all of your hard work. 

Visit the new learning central at www.learningcentral.uvic.ca