2023 PEA Holiday Campus Closure Guidelines

Campus Holiday Closure: December 25, 2023 - January 1, 2024

Information for PEA staff

Please review the following collective agreement language and circulate to all PEA staff in your area of responsibility.

As per 11.05 Working on a Designated Holiday of the PEA Collective Agreement:

If a staff member is required by their Dean, Director, or designate to work on any of the designated holidays referred to in 11.01, the member will, in addition to being paid for the day, be provided with CTO equal to one and one-half (1.5) multiplied by the hours worked. CTO, which accrues in this circumstance, will be taken at a time mutually agreed between the staff member and the supervisor, and in any event within six  (6) months after the date of the holiday.

Letter of Understanding #1

Re: Clarification of Days of Holiday Closure

The Holiday Closure period (following December 25 and 26 each year) has three days that are not compensated days off. It is understood that PEA staff members will offset these days off by incorporating the time into their work schedule.

In cases where departments record hours worked (e.g. for billing or charge back purposes), the time to offset the unpaid Holiday Closure days should not be recorded as a debit to CTO or vacation, or as hours worked. The governing principle is that professional staff will employ the honour system to ensure that this time is made up within their average work week schedule (see Article 10.02) as close as possible either before or after the holiday period.