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Co-operative Education Program and Career Services (COOP)

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Co-operative Education Program and Career Services
University of Victoria
Business & Economics Building 406
Co-operative Education Program and Career Services
Business and Economics Building
Room 406
University of Victoria
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
Co-operative Education Program and Career Services
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
General Office 250-721-6581 BEC 406
FAX 250-721-8996 BEC 406

Office of the Director - Co-operative Education and Career Services

Acting Executive Director Andrea Giles 250-721-6211 BEC 414 agiles@uvic.ca
Program Manager, International Programs Karima Ramji 250-721-6076 BEC 410 ramjik@uvic.ca
Coordinator, International Programs Mami Schouten 250-721-7348 BEC 408 mschout@uvic.ca
Co-op Assistant, Internatonal Programs Lauren Wood 250-721-6583 BEC 408 intlcoop@uvic.ca
LE,NONET Experiential and Community Learning Coordinator Renee Livernoche 250-721-6326 FPH 147 lenonetelc@uvic.ca
Assistant to the Executive Director Angie Francis 250-721-7628 BEC 412 coopdirasst@uvic.ca
Co-op Assistant Daphne Reine 250-721-6581 BEC 406 coopsec@uvic.ca
Senior Communications Officer Joy Poliquin 250-721-6084 BEC 424 poliquin@uvic.ca
Career Educator - Special Projects Joy Andrews 250-721-6365 BEC 421 joyandre@uvic.ca
Technology Administrator Blake McStravick 250-721-8903 R40 D104c coophelp@uvic.ca
Campus Engagement and Events Coordinator Amy Machin 250-721-8840 BEC 422 amachin@uvic.ca
Curriculum Coordinator Meg Thompson 250-721-6582 BEC 423 megt@uvic.ca
Information and Operations Coordinator Jada Tasker 250-721-6616 BEC 416 jadat@uvic.ca
Communications and Outreach Assistant Lauren Frost 250-472-4094 BEC 419 evcoop@uvic.ca

Business Co-op and Career Centre

Program Manager Gloria Darroch 250-721-6065 BEC 116 darrochg@uvic.ca
Coordinator, (MBA & MGB) Michelle Alexander 250-721-6083 BEC 289a michellealexander@uvic.ca
Coordinator Vanessa Raber 250-721-6059 BEC 126 vraber@uvic.ca
Coordinator Melissa Fahlman 250-721-6066 BEC 132 fahlmanm@uvic.ca
Coordinator Sarah McQuillan 250-721-6410 BEC 130 sarahmcq@uvic.ca
Coordinator Shawn Tripp 250-472-4566 BEC 124 shawntripp@uvic.ca
Coordinator Alissa Wakeman 250-721-6657 BEC 122 awakeman@uvic.ca
Coordinator Marguerite Casey 250-853-3202 BEC 128 mcasey@uvic.ca
Employment Development Officer Robyn Booth 250-721-4449 BEC 114 resselti@uvic.ca
Placement Coordinator Samantha Toms 250-721-6413 BEC 118 stoms@uvic.ca
Placement Coordinator Cathy Burrage 250-721-6496 BEC 120 cburrage@uvic.ca
Career Educator Chantale Laplante 250-721-6087 BEC 107 bco@uvic.ca
Co-op Assistant Yumi Morishima 250-721-6054 BEC 112 yumim@uvic.ca
Career Assistant Laya Greschner 250-472-4441 BEC 112 bizmasterscoop@uvic.ca
Co-op Assistant Sarka Polivkova 250-721-6063 BEC 112 busicoop@uvic.ca

Engineering and Computer Science Co-op and Career

Program Manager Meeta Khurana 250-472-5824 ECS 204B meetak@uvic.ca
Coordinator Leo Spalteholz 250-472-5802 ECS 228 leos@uvic.ca
Coordinator Ash Senini 250-472-5826 ECS 230 asenini@uvic.ca
Vancouver Coordinator Cheryl Beaumont 604-754-0171 cbeaumont@uvic.ca
Coordinator Rhonda Korol 250-472-5820 ECS 224 rkorol@uvic.ca
Coordinator Imen Bourguiba 250-472-5814 ECS 218 imenbour@uvic.ca
Coordinator Calvin Tripp 250-472-5816 ECS 220 ctripp@uvic.ca
Coordinator Susan Fiddler 250-472-5810 ECS 222 sfiddler@uvic.ca
Coordinator Ahmad Salman 250-472-5818 ECS 226 asalman@uvic.ca
Coordinator Mostafa Rahimpour 250-472-5822 ECS 212 mrahim@uvic.ca
Career Educator John Fagan 250-472-5825 ECS 210 jfagan@uvic.ca
Employment Development Officer Tara Coulter 250-472-5803 ECS 214 taracoul@uvic.ca
Placement Coordinator Jeffrey Martin 250-472-5827 ECS 204c martinjm@uvic.ca
Placement Coordinator Kyle Price 250-472-5809 ECS 204c ksprice@uvic.ca
Employment Development Officer Kristina Stewart 250-472-5412 ECS 231 kristinastewart@uvic.ca
Co-op Assistant Subodha Liyanage 250-472-5806 ECS 204 senanaya@uvic.ca
Co-op Assistant Patti Massey 250-472-5805 ECS 204 pmassey@uvic.ca
Co-op Assistant Trevor Campbell 250-472-5800 ECS 204 trevorca@uvic.ca
Co-op Assistant Jade Halcrow 250-472-5807 ECS 204 jhalcrow@uvic.ca

Optional and Professional Programs Co-operative Education and Career Services

Program Manager Vacant 250-721-8812 CSR 113 oppmanager@uvic.ca
Career Educator Michelle Floyd 250-721-6378 CSR 116 mfloyd@uvic.ca
Career Educator Richard Myers 250-472-4286 CSR 115 rmyers1000@uvic.ca
Career Educator Jeremy Pearce 250-721-6364 CSR 007 jeremydp@uvic.ca
Co-op Assistant Savannah Carby 250-721-8419 CSR 110 oppcoop@uvic.ca
Career Assistant Cindy Humpartzian 250-721-8421 CSR 110 careers@uvic.ca

Biochemistry/Microbiology Co-op and Career

Coordinator Vacant 250-721-8813 PCH 190 bcmbcoop@uvic.ca
Co-op Assistant Jessica Abriel 250-472-4800 PCH 192 bcmbsec@uvic.ca

Biology Co-op and Career

Coordinator Diane Luszniak 250-721-8649 CUN 105a biocoop@uvic.ca
Co-op Assistant Emma Edmunds DTB A316 bico@uvic.ca

Chemistry Co-op and Career

Coordinator Arkady Futerman 250-721-7713 ELL 118 scicoop@uvic.ca
Co-op Assistant Kandie Husband 250-721-6122 ELL 119 scico@uvic.ca

Earth and Ocean Science Co-op and Career

Coordinator Diane Luszniak 250-721-8649 CUN 105a eoscoop@uvic.ca
Co-op Assistant Emma Edmunds 250-721-8637 CUN 105 eosco@uvic.ca

Exercise Science, Physical & Health Education Co-op and Career

Coordinator Alyssa Hindle 250-472-4690 MCK 113 epheco@uvic.ca
Co-op Assistant Stephen Leckie 250-721-8390 MCK 112 ephecoop@uvic.ca

Graduate Education Co-op and Career

Coordinator Barb Svec 250-721-8064 HSD A366 spaco@uvic.ca
Co-op Assistant Kim Cook 250-721-8061 HSD A303 spacoop@uvic.ca

Health Information Science Co-op and Career

Coordinator Dave Hutchinson 250-721-8577 HSD A204 hiscoop@uvic.ca
Co-op Assistant Selina Jorgensen 250-721-6458 HSD A202 hiscoopasst@uvic.ca

Humanities and Fine Arts Co-op and Career

Coordinator Allison Benner 250-721-7629 CLE D128a hufaco@uvic.ca
Co-op Assistant Annette Bailey-Smith 250-721-8841 CLE D128 hufacoop@uvic.ca

Law Co-op and Career

Coordinator Francine Proctor 250-721-8196 FRA 131c lawcoopcoord@uvic.ca
Co-op Assistant Laura Dryburgh 250-721-8195 FRA 140 lawcoop@uvic.ca

Mathematics and Statistics Co-op

Coordinator Arkady Futerman 250-721-7713 ELL 118 scicoop@uvic.ca
Co-op Assistant Kandie Husband 250-721-6122 ELL 119 scico@uvic.ca

Physics and Astronomy Co-op and Career

Coordinator Arkady Futerman ELL 118 scicoop@uvic.ca
Co-op Assistant Kandie Husband 250-721-6122 ELL 119 scico@uvic.ca

Public Administration Co-op and Career

Coordinator Barb Svec 250-721-8064 HSD A304 spaco@uvic.ca
Co-op Assistant Kim Cook 250-721-8061 HSD A302 spacoop@uvic.ca

Social Sciences Co-op and Career

Coordinator Jennie Nilsson 250-721-8969 DTB A204b jnilsson@uvic.ca
Coordinator Helen Kobrc 250-721-7358 DTB A204 ssco@uvic.ca
Co-op Assistant Linda Marley 250-721-8689 DTB A204 sscoop@uvic.ca
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Jessica Abriel jabriel@uvic.ca
Michelle Alexander michellealexander@uvic.ca
Joy Andrews joyandre@uvic.ca
Annette Bailey-Smith 250-721-8841 (campus local: 8841) hufacoop@uvic.ca
Cheryl Beaumont cbeaumont@uvic.ca
Allison Benner 250-721-7629 (campus local: 7629) abenner@uvic.ca
Robyn Booth 250-472-4449 (campus local: 4449) resselti@uvic.ca
Imen Bourguiba imenbour@uvic.ca
Cathy Burrage 250-721-6496 (campus local: 6496) cburrage@uvic.ca
Trevor Campbell 250-472-5800 (campus local: 5800) trevorca@uvic.ca
Savannah Carby 250-721-8419 (campus local: 8419) oppcoop@uvic.ca
Marguerite Casey 250-853-3202 (campus local: 3202) mcasey@uvic.ca
Kimberley Cook kimberleycook@uvic.ca
Tara Coulter 250-472-5803 (campus local: 5803) taracoul@uvic.ca
Heather Croft 250-721-8813 (campus local: 8813) bcmbcoop@uvic.ca
Gloria Darroch darrochg@uvic.ca
Laura Dryburgh 250-721-8195 (campus local: 8195) lawcoop@uvic.ca
Emma Edmunds emmaedmunds@uvic.ca
John Fagan 250-472-5825 (campus local: 5825) jfagan@uvic.ca
Melissa Fahlman fahlmanm@uvic.ca
Susan Fiddler 250-472-5810 (campus local: 5810) sfiddler@uvic.ca
Angie Francis 250-721-7628 (campus local: 7628) afrancis@uvic.ca
Lauren Frost evcoop@uvic.ca
Arkady Futerman futerman@uvic.ca
Andrea Giles 250-721-6211 (campus local: 6211) agiles@uvic.ca
Jade Halcrow jhalcrow@uvic.ca
Alyssa Hindle ahindle@uvic.ca
Cindy Humpartzian 250-721-8421 (campus local: 8421) cindy@uvic.ca
Kandie Husband klhusband@uvic.ca
David Hutchinson 250-721-8577 (campus local: 8577) hiscoop@uvic.ca
Selina Jorgensen 250-721-6458 (campus local: 6458) hiscoopasst@uvic.ca
Meeta Khurana 250-472-5824 (campus local: 5824) meetak@uvic.ca
Helen Kobrc 250-721-7358 (campus local: 7358) hkobrc@uvic.ca
Rhonda Korol 250-472-5820 (campus local: 5820) rkorol@uvic.ca
Chantale Laplante chantalelaplante@uvic.ca
Stephen Leckie 250-721-8390 (campus local: 8390) ephecoop@uvic.ca
Renee Livernoche 250-721-6326 (campus local: 6326) lenonetelc@uvic.ca
Diane Luszniak 250-721-8649 (campus local: 8649) biocoop@uvic.ca
Amy Machin 250-721-8840 (campus local: 8840) amachin@uvic.ca
Linda Marley 250-721-8689 (campus local: 8689) sscoop@uvic.ca
Jeffrey Martin martinjm@uvic.ca
Patti Massey 250-472-5805 (campus local: 5805) pmassey@uvic.ca
Sarah McQuillan 250-721-6410 (campus local: 6410) sarahmcq@uvic.ca
Yumi Morishima 250-721-6054 (campus local: 6054) yumim@uvic.ca
Richard Myers rmyers1000@uvic.ca
Jennie Nilsson 250-721-8969 (campus local: 8969) jnilsson@uvic.ca
Jeremy Pearce jeremydp@uvic.ca
Joy Poliquin 250-721-6084 (campus local: 6084) poliquin@uvic.ca
Sarka Polivkova nesaja@gmail.com
Kyle Price ksprice@uvic.ca
Francine Proctor 250-721-8196 (campus local: 8196) fproctor@uvic.ca
Vanessa Raber 250-721-6059 (campus local: 6059) vraber@uvic.ca
Mostafa Rahimpour mrahim@uvic.ca
Karima Ramji 250-721-6076 (campus local: 6076) ramjik@uvic.ca
Daphne Reine coopsec@uvic.ca
Ahmad Salman asalman@uvic.ca
Mami Schouten 250-721-7348 (campus local: 7348) mschout@uvic.ca
Subodha Senanayake Liyanage senanaya@uvic.ca
Ash Senini 472-582-6 asenini@uvic.ca
Leo Spalteholz 472-580-2 leos@uvic.ca
Kristina Stewart kristinastewart@uvic.ca
Barbara Svec 250-721-8064 (campus local: 8064) bsvec@uvic.ca
Mark Takeuchi marktakeuchi21@gmail.com
Jada Tasker 250-721-6616 (campus local: 6616) jadat@uvic.ca
Meg Thompson 250-721-6582 (campus local: 6582) megt@uvic.ca
Samantha Toms 250-721-6413 (campus local: 6413) stoms@uvic.ca
Calvin Tripp 250-472-5816 (campus local: 5816) ctripp@uvic.ca
Shawn Tripp shawntripp@uvic.ca
Alissa Wakeman 250-721-6657 (campus local: 6657) awakeman@uvic.ca