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Office of Indigenous Academic and Community Engagement (IACE)

Office of Indigenous Academic and Community Engagement
University of Victoria
First Peoples House
Office of Indigenous Academic and Community Engagement
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
First Peoples House
Victoria , BC
V5P 5C2
Office of Indigenous Academic and Community Engagement
Intercampus Mail Code - IACE
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
Executive Director Robina Thomas 250-472-4877 iacedir@uvic.ca
Director's Assistant / Office Administrator 250-472-4913 FPH 137 iaceadm@uvic.ca
FPH Building and Operations Coordinator Carly Cunningham 250-853-3601 FPH 150 fph@uvic.ca
FAX 250-472-4952
Community Engagement Manager Samantha Etzel 250-853-3821 FPH 135 iacecem@uvic.ca
Coordinator of Indigenous Student Support Crystal Seibold 250-853-3599 FPH 141 iaceiss@uvic.ca
Counsellor for Indigenous Students Roger John 250-721-8341 UVC B270 Indigcoun1@uvic.ca
Counsellor for Indigenous Students Marcey Louie 250-721-8341 UVC B270 counsell@uvic.ca
Events Coordinator Yvonne Houssin 250-853-3994 FPH 140 iaceev@uvic.ca
Indigenous Initiatives Coordinator Dorothea Harris 250-472-4125 FPH 150 iaceiic@uvic.ca
LE,NONET Academic Manager Robert Hancock 250-472-4231 FPH 143 rola@uvic.ca
LE,NONET Experiential Learning Coordinator Renee Livernoche 250-721-6326 FPH 133 lenonetelc@uvic.ca
LE,NONET Mentorship and Bursary Coordinator Jill Green 250-472-5982 FPH 139 lenonet@uvic.ca
Manager Lalita Kines 250-472-4618 FPH 147 iacemgr@uvic.ca
Receptionist Darlene Masso 250-853-3730 FPH 140 iacereceptionist@uvic.ca
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Robbie Louis iacecpl@uvic.ca