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UVic Online Systems (UVON)

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UVic Online Systems
University of Victoria

3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
Campus Map
UVic Online Systems
University of Victoria
University Systems
3800 Finnerty Road
Clearihue Loading Ramp C070
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
UVic Online Systems
University of Victoria
University Systems
PO Box 3045
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
Director Scott Thompson 250-721-7679 CLE C026b srt@uvic.ca

Development Services

Manager Ivan Petrovic 250-472-5565 CLE C031 ivanp@uvic.ca

Production and Technical Support

Manager Rizwan Bashir 250-721-8869 rbashir@uvic.ca

Client Account Management Services

Client Account Manager Shannon Hayward 250-472-5988 CLE A115b shayward@uvic.ca
Client Account Manager Jill Stringer 250-472-5630 MWB A129 stringer@uvic.ca
Senior Project Manager Tracey MacNeil 250-721-7674 CLE A115 B tmacneil@uvic.ca
Senior Project Manager Jennifer Cara 250-721-6380 CLE A115b jcara@uvic.ca
Senior Project Manager Brandt Linkowski 250-721-7671 CLE A117a brandtl@uvic.ca
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Ruth Adam 250-721-7594 (campus local: 7594) radam@uvic.ca
Chris Baddock 250-721-7676 (campus local: 7676) cbaddock@uvic.ca
Margaret Balasamy margaretsb@uvic.ca
Rizwan Bashir 250-721-8869 (campus local: 8869) rbashir@uvic.ca
Ray Bon 250-721-8831 (campus local: 8831) rbon@uvic.ca
Jennifer Cara 250-721-6380 (campus local: 6380) jcara@uvic.ca
Jason Castor 250-721-8737 (campus local: 8737) jcastor@uvic.ca
Raymond Choo 250-472-4909 (campus local: 4909) rchoo@uvic.ca
Chris Clausen 250-472-4836 (campus local: 4836) cclausen@uvic.ca
Vincent Connor 250-721-7655 (campus local: 7655) zzconnor@uvic.ca
Wendy Cound 250-472-4867 (campus local: 4867) wcound@uvic.ca
Kristen Ficke 250-721-7604 (campus local: 7604) kficke@uvic.ca
Bob Fleming 250-853-3195 (campus local: 3195) bfleming@uvic.ca
Charles Frank 250-721-7652 (campus local: 7652) cpfrank@uvic.ca
Maria-Elena Froese maleh2@uvic.ca
Kathleen Garland 250-472-5298 (campus local: 5298) kgarland@uvic.ca
Corey Gibbings 250-472-4758 (campus local: 4758) gibbings@uvic.ca
Kevin Gill 250-721-8860 (campus local: 8860) hkevgill@hotmail.com
Dylan Griff 250-721-7769 (campus local: 7769) dcgriff@uvic.ca
Kjalen Hansen 250-472-5906 (campus local: 5906) kjalen@uvic.ca
Shannon Hayward 250-472-5988 (campus local: 5988) shayward@uvic.ca
Paul Hilchey 250-721-8785 (campus local: 8785) paulh@uvic.ca
Faye Hoffman 250-721-7663 (campus local: 7663) fhoffman@uvic.ca
Brandt Linkowski 250-721-7671 (campus local: 7671) brandtl@uvic.ca
Tracey MacNeil 250-721-7674 (campus local: 7674) tmacneil@uvic.ca
Conner McConkey connerm@uvic.ca
Selina McGinnis 250-472-5989 (campus local: 5989) mcginnis@uvic.ca
Craig McNaughton 250-721-6321 (campus local: 6321) craigmcnaughton@uvic.ca
Justin McRae 250-472-5120 (campus local: 5120) jwmcrae@uvic.ca
Vugar Mehraliyev 250-721-7660 (campus local: 7660) vugarm@uvic.ca
Logan Northcote 250-721-7669 (campus local: 7669) lnorthco@uvic.ca
Ivan Petrovic 250-472-5565 (campus local: 5565) ivanp@uvic.ca
Sheeja Rajagopal srajagopal@uvic.ca
Dave Sanderson 250-472-5564 (campus local: 5564) dcs@uvic.ca
Corey Scholefield 250-472-4549 (campus local: 4549) coreys@uvic.ca
Jill Stringer 250-472-5630 (campus local: 5630) stringer@uvic.ca
Scott Thompson 250-721-7679 (campus local: 7679) srt@uvic.ca
Judson Tunnell 250-721-6393 (campus local: 6393) jtunnell@uvic.ca
Mark van Hoek 250-721-8323 (campus local: 8323) markv@uvic.ca