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Department of Art History & Visual Studies

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Department of Art History & Visual Studies
University of Victoria
Fine Arts Building 151
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
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Department of Art History & Visual Studies
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
Department of Art History & Visual Studies
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700
Victoria, BC
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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
General Office 250-721-7942 FIA 151
FAX 250-721-7941 FIA 151
Department Chair Erin Campbell 250-721-7940 FIA 151 arthistorychair@uvic.ca
Department Secretary Sandra Curran FIA 151 arthistory@uvic.ca
Graduate Advisor Astri Wright 250-721-7949 FIA 133 arthistorygradadvisor@uvic.ca
Administrative Assistant/Undergraduate Secretary Barb Biggs 250-721-7942 FIA 151 ahvsasst@uvic.ca

Visual Resources Collection

Visual Resources Curator Iona Hubner 250-721-7946 FIA 115A ihubner@uvic.ca
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Jaiya Anka janka@uvic.ca
Allan Antliff 250-721-6303 (local: 6303) allan@uvic.ca
Evanthia Baboula 250-721-7756 (local: 7756) ebaboula@uvic.ca
Melia Belli bellibose@uvic.ca
Melissa Berry mbberry@uvic.ca
Barb Biggs bbiggs@uvic.ca
Carolyn Butler-Palmer 250-721-7943 (local: 7943) cbpalmer@uvic.ca
Erin Campbell 250-721-7940 (local: 7940) erinjc@uvic.ca
Holly Cecil cecil@uvic.ca
Su Yen Chong suyenchong@uvic.ca
David Christopher dchristo@uvic.ca
India Cornell icornell@uvic.ca
Sandra Curran 250-721-7942 (local: 7942) arthistory@uvic.ca
Dennine Dudley ddudley@uvic.ca
Abbey Hall abbeyh@uvic.ca
Catherine Harding 250-721-6304 (local: 6304) charding@uvic.ca
Alexa Heenan alexa.heenan@live.com
Iona Hubner 250-721-7946 (local: 7946) ihubner@uvic.ca
Menno Hubregtse menno@uvic.ca
Ambreen Hussaini hussainiambreen@uvic.ca
Arash Jahromi arasheqbal@gmail.com
Nellie Lamb lamb.nellie@gmail.com
Yang Liu hours1985@msn.com
Lianne McLarty lmclarty@uvic.ca
Marcus Milwright 250-721-6302 (local: 6302) mmilwrig@uvic.ca
Behrang Nabavi Nejad bnabavi@uvic.ca
Mitch Parry 250-721-7951 (local: 7951) mparry@uvic.ca
Martin Segger 250-661-2038 msegger@uvic.ca
Vanessa Udy vanessa.udy@gmail.com
Dave Wilson 721-730-9 dwwilson@uvic.ca
Shanice Wolters shanicewolters@gmail.com
Grace Wong Sneddon 250-721-6143 (local: 6143) gwongsne@uvic.ca
Astri Wright 250-721-7949 (local: 7949) astri@uvic.ca
Victoria Wyatt 250-721-7948 (local: 7948) vwyatt@uvic.ca
Katayoun Youssefi Hamedani catyousefi@gmail.com