Sheri Love

 Sheri Love
Global Engagement and Business Development Officer, Gustavson International

Office: BEC 278

After completing her Bachelor of Arts in Pacific and Asian Studies at the University of Victoria, Sheri travelled to Asia to live and work, completing an MA at Nanzan University in International Area Studies in 2009. She worked at Nanzan University as Assistant Chief Director in the Graduate School of International Area Studies GP Office for a few years before moving on to Nagoya University in the International Exchange and Cooperation Headquarters as Project Coordinator for the Academic Consortium21.  

During her time in Japan, she joined the Tokai Japan Canada Society as a Lifetime Founding Member and served as both Treasurer and Social Committee Chair. Sheri has been involved in International Education for the past 15 years and has also lived and worked in France for five years. She relocated back to Canada in 2012 and continues to enjoy her passion for cooking Japanese cuisine.