Retaining UVic grad funding

General eligibility & maintenance requirements for UVic graduate scholarships:

  • UVic Graduate Awards of $1,000-$5,000 require a GPA of 6.0 or higher (as of 2019/20), and those valued over $5,000 require a GPA of 7.0 or higher
  • To qualify for any graduate scholarships you must be unconditionally admitted to a master's or doctoral degree program and be registered in enough units in your graduate degree program (see below)
  • Graduate Fellowships, GEA, and PRS require that you be registered full time each term in a minimum of 3.0 units
  • Graduate Awards allow for part time registration in a minimum of 1.5 units each term
  • Graduate donor awards, those funded by private donors, require full time registration in a minimum of 3.0 units unless the specific terms of the scholarship indicate that it may be issued to a part time student, or a student who has completed their graduate program. A list of all donor awards and their terms is available here
  • Graduate students registered with the Centre for Accessible Learning (CAL) are considered to be full time when registered in 1.5 units, and would therefore be eligible for all UVic graduate scholarships when registered in 1.5 or more units 
  • To maintain eligibility and avoid delays in scholarship payments, register two weeks or more in advance of each term in the required number of units
  • A change to registration status after the start of a term will affect your scholarship and may result in the loss of the scholarship, and requirement that any funds received be repaid to the university
  • Contact the Faculty of Graduate Studies well in advance of any change in registration via email to  or to find out how the registration change will affect your scholarship
  • Overdue tuition, fees, or UVic fines of any kind will result in a hold on your scholarship payments
  • Retroactive changes to your registration status may also result in a requirement of scholarship repayment, and/or loss of a scholarship
  • Students considering a Leave of Absence of any kind (personal, medical, or compassionate), need to speak to a Scholarship Officer ( or in the Faculty of Graduate Studies; each type of leave will have a unique impact on graduate scholarships and needs to be addressed individually
  • Renewal of scholarships is not automatic. Academic departments may renew a scholarship, however the renewal is dependent upon the maintenance of a cumulative grade point average of 7.0/9.0 or higher for scholarships over $5,000, or a GPA of 6.5/9.0 for scholarships valued from $1,000-$5,000. Scholarship renewals and their value are at the discretion of the academic department and require the approval of the Faculty of Graduate Studies
  • Communication with students is done via email, therefore ensure the email you use regularly is identified as your “preferred email address” on your “personal profile” on your UVic My Page account
  • Scholarships of $1,000-$3,499 are paid in one lump sum, typically at the start of the first term of registration, but this will vary depending on when the nomination is made
  • Scholarships of $3,500-$5,499 are paid in two installments, typically at the start of the first and second term of registration
  • Scholarships valued at $5,500-$10,499 are paid in three installments, typically at the start of each term of registration

  • Scholarships of $10,500 and higher are paid in monthly installments, divided evenly over the duration of the award (see your award notice for the duration of the award)

  • Scholarship payments will not be issued if you have no registration, insufficient registration, provisional admission, or overdue fees or fines from a previous term. Once you resolve your ineligibility issue, payments will resume but it can take 5 -10 business days for the payment to be processed and deposited to your account. Since this unavoidable administrative lag-time may present problems for those that rely on these payments for first-of-the-month living expenses, please be proactive and well-versed on the regulations that keep you eligible, on an ongoing basis, for your specific scholarship offer
  • Tuition fees are NOT automatically paid out of UVic Graduate Funding; students are responsible to ensure all tuition and fees are paid on time
  • All UVic scholarship payments will cease at the end of the term the student takes the final oral and/or written examination

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