Special admissions information

There are many different ways that you can attend UVic, some standard and others on an exceptional basis. Special admission processes apply to those applicants who are:

  • looking to audit a course
  • wanting to improve their academic background as a non-degree student
  • interested in pursuing a specialized degree program or special arrangement program
  • visiting UVic for classes while attending another institution
  • coming to UVic as a visiting research student
  • taking advantage of the opportunity to study under the Western Deans' Agreement 

Each of these options have their own admission process, as well as additional specific requirements. See details below.

Note: The university at which you are enrolled in a degree program is your home institution. The university at which you wish to take a course is the host institution.

Auditing graduate courses

In order to be eligible to audit a graduate course you must be either a graduate student or hold a baccalaureate degree.

If you are only wanting to audit courses, you can submit an application through our Online Application system. Official transcripts will be required if your application is successful.

If your first language is not English, and you have not resided in Canada or another designated English-speaking country for more than three consecutive years immediately prior to the entry point you have applied for, then you must demonstrate English proficiency.

Registration as an auditor is subject to the following conditions:

1. Admission to the course is dependent on the class size and other factors that the instructor and academic unit establish.
2. The degree of participation in the course is at the discretion of the academic unit.
3. Audited courses will not appear on the student’s official transcript and will not be considered as meeting admission, prerequisite or course requirements for any graduate program.

If you are a continuing UVic graduate student wishing to audit a course, check out the auditing requirements that apply to you.

Non-degree coursework

If you want to take courses in the Faculty of Graduate Studies for credit to improve your academic background, but not towards a degree at the University of Victoria, you may be admitted as a non-degree student. You must meet the same entrance requirements and follow the same application procedure as degree-seeking applicants.

Before applying, you need to determine which UVic courses you wish to take as a non-degree student. You must indicate the department code and course number for these classes on your application (i.e., ANTH 500).

Fees for courses taken as a non-degree student will be charged on a per-unit basis as outlined under fees for non-degree students. Any fees paid as a non-degree student may not be later applied to a graduate degree.

Specialized degree programs

In addition to the many approved graduate degree programs available to you at UVic, you also may have the option to pursue research in an area that has not yet been formally approved.

For information on these opportunities and the specific requirements for admissions, consult the specialized degree programs page.

Visiting students with a letter of permission

Visiting students from other institutions are admitted on the basis of a letter of permission. It specifies courses allowed for credit toward a graduate degree at another accredited and recognized institution.

Applicants in this category must provide a letter of permission or equivalent from their home institution. International students will be required to provide transcripts and evidence of English competency.

Are you a current UVic student looking to take courses on a letter of permission? Find out how to obtain a letter of permission before applying to the host institution.

Visiting research students

Visiting research students are students registered at another university who come to UVic to do research under the supervision of a UVic faculty member. For detailed information on the procedures together with sample letters please read our visiting research students information sheet.

If you are a graduate student at a Canadian institution wanting to visit another Canadian institution to conduct research, you could qualify under the Canadian Graduate Student Research Mobility Agreement (CGSMRA).  You can be considered for admission by submitting a visiting research student form. See the CGSMRA package for more details and a printable copy of the visiting research student form. 

If you are a UVic student looking to do research at another institution, check out the visiting research opportunities available to you.

Western Deans' Agreement

An agreement was established as an expression of cooperation and mutual support among universities offering graduate programs in western Canada. Under this agreement, graduate students of the member universities may take courses at another member institution for credit in their graduate programs.

If you would like to attend UVic under this agreement, please review the Western Deans’ Agreement and contact your home institution’s graduate studies office for information and an application form.

Are you are a UVic student wishing to take advantage of this agreement? Review UVic’s requirements and application process for outgoing students under the Western Deans’ Agreement.

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