Submission of documents

We will begin evaluating your file based on the unofficial documents you upload as part of your online application submission. You do not need to submit additional copies of these documents.

If you are offered admission to a program you are required to submit official documents in order to receive a final full offer of admission. Official documents will not be returned and become the property of the University of Victoria. If your originals are irreplaceable, you should submit copies for evaluation purposes and be able to provide the originals for comparison. Do not send official documents until all of your course work is complete and your degree is conferred.

If you are a visiting or research student, studying on the Western Deans' or other Agreement or arriving from India or China, be sure to read the specific information for you below.

How do I submit my documents?

The documents required to start the evaluation of your application must be uploaded at the time of application. These include unofficial transcripts from all institutions you have attended (including UVic), a copy of your CV/Resume, and any other individual program requirements.

After completing the online application, you can check My UVic application to see if any additional documents are required. Most required documents can be uploaded through the application portal. If you have difficulty uploading documents, contact the UVic Computer Help Desk at Do not send your documents by email unless you are specifically asked to do so.

If you are made an offer of admission, final official transcripts as listed in your admission letter must be delivered or sent by mail or courier to the Graduate Admissions and Records Office. See the contact page for mailing and courier addresses. See the transcripts section below for definitions of official transcripts versus unofficial transcripts.

If you are applying to more than one graduate program, you'll need to complete a separate online application and submit a new set of unofficial documents, assessments and application fee for each.

Complete application

Once you have submitted your application, your file will be complete and eligible for review by the academic unit if you have uploaded all of the following (if applicable):

You are required to have two references submit assessment reports online on your behalf to complete your application.

We can process an application with unofficial documents but cannot provide a full offer of admission without final official documents.

If official documents are required, these will be listed in your offer of admission. These may include final official transcripts, confirmations of degree, official test scores, and similar.

I applied before, do I need new documents?

You must upload the required documents to each application that you intend to submit. Official documentation from applicants who are not admitted or do not take up an offer of admission will be kept on file for one year. At the request of the applicant, Graduate Admissions and Records will carry forward official transcripts received within that year, but you must upload a statement confirming that the content of the transcript has not changed.


Unofficial transcripts from all institutions which you have attended must be uploaded as part of your application. If you are offered admission, you will be required to submit official documents.

Unofficial transcripts include:

  • photocopies which have not been endorsed as true copies by the issuing institution (see below for details)
  • transcripts which have been opened or which arrive without a sealed envelope
  • transcripts which have not been endorsed by the issuing institution (signature, seal or chop over the envelope closure)
  • transcripts received electronically

Official transcripts and degree certificates are those which are received by the Graduate Admissions and Records Office in sealed envelopes, endorsed by the home university (signature, seal or chop) over the closure. For more information, see the academic calendar description. 

If you have incomplete courses which are not listed on your official transcript, please provide a list of courses in progress and their credit weight with your application.

Unless the documents are only available in English, the official original language document accompanied by a certified literal English translation is required. English translations of French-language transcripts from Canadian institutions are not required.

Certified photocopies are acceptable if endorsed by the issuing university and sent in a sealed, endorsed envelope.

Transcripts from third-party credential evaluation services (eg. WES) will not be accepted.

Assessment reports

Assessment reports are required from a minimum of two academic or professional references who are familiar with your work. The names and email addresses of your chosen assessors are required when you submit your application. It is important that you contact your referees prior to providing them here in order to confirm their willingness to provide you with an assessment. A letter of reference may also be supplied as part of the assessment report.

Applicants should check their program requirements, as different programs may have additional requirements. UVic will send assessment form information directly to your referees upon submission of your application. Submissions of references will be collected electronically alongside your application information. Paper assessment documents are not required.

You may log in your application and return to the assessment section to review the status of your assessment reports as they are completed by your referees, make changes to your referee information, or resend an assessment request, if necessary.


For any external tests, unofficial scores can be entered as part of your online application. If you are offered admission, and to be considered official, you will be expected to have scores sent directly from the testing agency to the University of Victoria so we can verifying the information we received for admission purposes.

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is required for admission into some programs. To see if this applies to you, check the relevant academic unit entries in the calendar or on our program admission pages.

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is required by the Faculty of Business for applicants to the MBA program. The School of Public Administration only requires the GMAT for international applicants.

English proficiency

If your first language is not English, and you have not resided in a designated English-speaking country for three years immediately prior to the entry-point applied for, you must provide proof of English Language proficiency. This can be done by providing results directly to the University from a TOEFL, IELTS or MELAB test. Official test score reports must be sent directly to the University of Victoria by the testing agency. Scores older than two years are not acceptable. 

If you hold a recognized degree from a designated English-speaking country are exempted from the language proficiency requirements.

Additional program requirements

Individual programs may require that you send additional documents with your application. These should be uploaded through the online application portal.

Please review the individual program requirements or contact the relevant academic unit directly before submitting your application documentation to make sure all required documents are sent together.

Falsified documents

We routinely verify all documents. Evidence of falsified documents will result in applicants being banned from the university and will be shared with the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada. If you do not provide complete information or provide falsified information or documents, your admission and registration in the university will be rescinded and cancelled.

Documents required for visiting and Western Dean’s Agreement students

If you want to attend UVic under other approved exchange agreements you must comply with the provisions of those agreements. All visiting international students must provide proof of English language proficiency.

Research students

Whether you plan on coming to UVic under the Canadian Graduate Student Research Mobility Agreement (CGSRMA) or as a visiting research student on a specific agreement letter, we require a signed copy of the agreement be sent to us for approval.

Visiting students

If you want to take courses at the University of Victoria for credit in a graduate degree program at your home institution, you must submit a letter of permission with your application.

We require transcripts showing proof of a previous degree. Assessment reports are not generally required, but may be requested.

Western Deans’ Agreement

If you want to attend UVic under the Western Deans' Agreement you must submit a Western Deans’ Agreement Application to UVic, which is provided to you by your home institution.

Please note: the university at which you are enrolled in a degree program is your home institution. The university at which you wish to take a course is the host institution.

Additional requirements for applicants from Indian institutions

We will accept unofficial documents to complete a preliminary evaluation, but require official documents to confirm the information we have received if you are offered admission.

For documents coming from any Indian institution, we require official copies of statements of marks for all years and a degree certificate. Official provisional certificates are acceptable for applicants who have graduated within the last three years who are unable to obtain a degree certificate.

Certified photocopies are acceptable, if endorsed by the issuing university and sent in a sealed, endorsed envelope. (See transcripts for more information on official documentation).

Please note:

  • Marks sheets and degrees must be received directly from the university or institution that issues the degree and not from an affiliated college in order to be considered official.
  • We DO NOT accept consolidated or American-style mark sheets/transcripts. 
  • In some cases we may need a complete record of your educational history including your secondary school exam results.

Additional requirements for applicants from Chinese institutions

We will accept unofficial documents to complete a preliminary evaluation, but require official documents to confirm the information we have received if you are offered admission.

We require an official transcript as well as a verified or certified copy of the official degree certificate. Degree certificates should indicate the date the degree was awarded according to the People’s Republic of China regulations.

We do not normally require graduation certificates or certificates of completion, which indicate that you have completed the required number of years of study for the program and have met all requirements for completion.

These documents must be received by Graduate Admissions and Records in envelopes sealed and endorsed by the home university (the chop should appear over the seal). Please see transcripts for more information on official documentation.

If you did not graduate from a designated English-speaking country you must arrange to have all academic records issued in their original language and accompanied by certified English translations.

If the institution you attended cannot translate the documents into English, you must have a certified translator provide us with translations and copies of the documents that were translated. English translations must be literal translations of the original documents.

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