Transferring into Computer Science

Students who wish to transfer to Computer Science from another Faculty or program should apply through the My UVic application.   

Program Entry Date        Application Deadline

May 1                                April 15

September 1                     August 15

January 1                          December 15

Minimum Admission Requirements:

  • Successful completion of CSC 110 and MATH 100 or 109;
  • A minimum C+ (3.0) average on your most recent 12.0 units; and
  • Good academic standing.

Limitation of Enrolment:

Enrolment in any course or degree program may be limited by the availability of staff and resources.  Applicants who meet the minimum academic requirements are not guaranteed admission to any program.

Minimum Grade Requirements:

Effective January 1, 2019, students joining the Department of Computer Science must obtain (or have obtained) at least a ‘C’ grade in all required Computer Science, Software Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics and English courses completed at UVic or elsewhere.  If a grade less than ‘C’ is earned, the course will not count towards degree completion and the student must re-take the course.