Transferring into Computer Science

Students who wish to transfer to Computer Science from another Faculty or program should apply through the My UVic application.   

Program Entry Date        Application Deadline

May 1                               April 15

September 1                     August 15

January 1                         December 15

Admission Requirements 

  • Successful completion of CSC 110 and MATH 100 or 109;
  • A minimum C+ (3.0) average on your most recent 12.0 units; and
  • Good academic standing.

Please note new graduation requirements:

Effective January 1, 2019, students joining the Department of  Computer Science must obtain (or have obtained) at least a ‘C’ grade in all Computer Science, Software Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics and English courses completed at UVic or elsewhere.  If a grade less than ‘C’ is earned, the course will not count towards degree completion and the student must re-take the course.