Undergraduate students

Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality is one of many cutting-edge areas of research in Computer Science

Computer science is an expansive field that has quickly grown to play a vital role in every aspect of life. From creating video games, to writing the software that sends rockets to space, computer scientists combine their knowledge of mathematics and software engineering to solve the most cutting edge problems in a wide range of fields.

As a student in our department, you’ll have opportunities to engage in a wide range of opportunities from undergraduate research, to applying your knowledge of computer science to real life problems through our co-op program.

Most students complete a major degree. In the first two years, the course offerings aim to establish a firm grounding in basic computer science and mathematics, with specialization options in the last two years. Graduates from these programs are well prepared to pursue careers in many industries. With sufficiently high standing, entrance into graduate study is also possible. The undergraduate degree requires a mix of courses in the fields of computer science, software engineering, mathematics, and technical writing. Students can also pursue a minor or take electives in other fields of study such as business, philosophy, art or digital media.

Major with Option

In addition to completing the requirements of the Computer Science Major, you can pursue a Major with Option degree.  The department offers a number of options such as:

Our honours degrees are the department's most comprehensive programs.  For students who are planning to pursue further studies and specialization beyond the undergraduate level, our honours programs provide greater depth and breadth.

Admission to Honours

The honours degree requires additional math and computer science courses including a fourth year project. In the honours program, you are required to maintain at least a GPA of 6.0 (B+) calculated over all required third year computer science courses.

Combined major degree programs are offered in response to the phenomenal growth of computing technology and applications in other disciplines. These programs require courses to be completed in both areas of study.  

Vist our Interdisciplinary programs page as well as the Academic Calender for comprehensive information regarding possible combined degrees and course requirements.

Combined degrees exist between Computer Science and
  • Geography (Geomatics)
  • Health & Information Science
  • Mathematics1
  • Music
  • Physics1
  • Psychology
  • Statistics1
  • Visual Arts 

1An honours combined degree program is offered in these disciplines. Please see the Academic Calendar for more information.

Why not combine your major in another subject with a minor in computer science?

If you are completing your major or honours degree in another subject area you can add a minor in computer science. 

Minor degree requirements are listed in the Academic Calendar.

For the General Program, meet with your home faculty advisor to declare a General degree in Computer Science

The accredited Bachelor of Software Engineering (BSEng) program is offered jointly by the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering.  

This program is accredited by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB) of the Canadian Council of Professional Engineers. Accreditation ensures that graduates of the program satisfy the academic requirements for registration with the provincial Association of Professional Engineers.

Co-operative Education is mandatory in the BSEng degree program.  Please see the Faculty of Engineering Co-operative Education Programs site for more information on employers for co-op and careers.

Further information on the BSEng program can be found on the Software Engineering website.

Course requirements for the BSEng program are listed in the academic calendar.

A minor in Software Development is also open to students not enrolled in the BSEng or computer sceince programs.