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Engineering/Computer Science building
Engineering & Computer Science building

As a student in the department, you have access to specialized computer equipment, software, and network infrastructure that are not available to those in other departments on campus.

We have 2 drop-in labs available to you at all times.

You also have access to the Computer Science Assistance Centre located on the 2nd floor of the Engineering & Computer Science (ECS) building, room 251.  Assistance Centre hours are posted on ConneX for each term.  

ConneX is the department's primary online learning and collaboration management tool that allows students, instructors, and researchers to interactively create and collaborate in shared websites, social networking sites, internet file-sharing and online teaching tools. 

To use the computers and facilities in the department, you must have a computer science account in our system. 

To activate your computer science account, visit our Activate Account page in ConneX.

Policy on Proper Uses of Computer Science accounts

Our IT Support Centre works to ensure that you have access to the latest hardware and software in our 10 labs located on the second and third floors of the ECS building. 

Policy on Proper Uses of Undergraduate Laboratories

You are encouraged to print from any of the pre-configured ECS computer lab PCs in the second and third floor labs. 

Please visit our Printing Support page in ConneX for more information. 

For a comprehensive list of all information on all department web services maintained by the IT Support Centre, please visit the IT Support site in ConneX.

To report any issues with your computer science account, ConneX, ECS lab computers & printers, or related department hardware and software, please use our Radar Tracking Software system.

Visit ConneX at to find out more. 

Login privileges are available to all computer science students, researchers, faculty, and staff.