Zak Papas

Civil Engineering, graduated with a BEng in July 2020

Zak Papas leans against the open window of a vehicle deck on a BC ferry. The sun is shining and the ocean is seen behind him.
Papas soaks up the sun aboard a BC ferry that brings him back to Victoria, following a recent week-long vacation to the Skaha region of the Okanagan.

Zak Papas is the 2020 co-winner of the Department of Civil Engineering Graduation Medal. He shares a few thoughts as he embarks on the next phase of his journey.

Favourite memory: The memories that stand out to me the most during my degree come from the weekends spent working hard on projects with classmates that led to some amazing friendships and great times.

Advice: My tip for future students would be to make connections with other students in their program. Another tip would be to get involved in a club or student society as it is a great way to learn, meet new people and relieve stress. As a final note to new students: university is the best place to meet like-minded people, try new things and create unforgettable memories. While grades can be important, enjoying the ride is too – remember not to stress too much and enjoy the time spent in school.

Future: My plans for the near future mostly include enjoying the summer now that I've graduated. I have just recently begun my job hunt, so hopefully I'll be able to land a job within the next couple months.

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