Humans of UVic Engineering and Computer Science

Get to know some of the “humans” in UVic Engineering and Computer Science — why they chose their field, how they’ve overcome challenges and what they’re most passionate about.

Jingrong Wang stands on a rocky treed hillside with smoke hanging over the scene.

Jingrong Wang

Computer Science, graduated with a MSc in November 2019

2020 Sep – Jingrong Wang, who recently earned her Master’s from UVic, revealed talent in mobile networks, edge computing and sketches of her instructors. Read more

Bakker sits on top of Mount Tolmie on a sunny day.

Logan Bakker

Mechanical Engineering, graduated with a BEng in November 2019

2020 July – Logan Bakker, who won three top awards for the 2019-20 academic year, answers questions about his plans for the future and his time at UVic. Read more

Tim Berntsen faces the camera for an indoor professional photo.

Tim Berntsen

Civil Engineering, graduated with a BEng in July 2020

2020 July – Tim Berntsen, who served as President of the UVic Engineering Students’ Society, strongly believes in encouraging and supporting diversity in the field. Read more

Zak Papas leans against the open window of a vehicle deck on a BC ferry. The sun is shining and the ocean is seen behind him.

Zak Papas

Civil Engineering, graduated with a BEng in July 2020

2020 July – As Zak Papas graduates, he takes time to share a few thoughts and some tips for new students arriving at UVic. Read more

Inside the Crystal Garden conference centre, Kai Ren kneels beside a small self-navigating robotic device.

Kai Ren

Electrical Engineering, graduated with a BEng in July 2020

2020 July – Developing an autonomous navigation robot system was the highlight of Kai Ren’s undergraduate degree. He’ll be delving further into robotics during graduate studies. Read more

Wearing a tuque and jacket, Laura Kissack stands outdoors, with mountains and forest in the background.

Laura Kissack

Computer Engineering, graduated with a BEng in July 2020

2020 July – Laura Kissack is looking forward to working in the wearable tech field as she heads to Vernon BC following graduation. Read more

Close-up of Shiyi Huo outdoors on a sunny day, with fields in the background.

Shiyi Huo

Computer Science, graduated with a BSc in July 2020

2020 July – As she graduates from UVic, Shiyi Huo leaves with both an award in computer science and a collection of wonderful memories. Read more

Krajnc stands in a lab, wearing a lab coat and protective glasses. She holds a small steel column in front of her.

Kirsten Krajnc

Civil Engineering, 3rd-year undergraduate student

2020 June – Kirsten Krajnc almost didn’t go into engineering, but she’s very glad she did. She loves how the discipline focuses on problem-solving and its great potential for making a positive impact on the environment. Read more

Kodituwakku stands in front a rack of computer servers, which glow with colourful lights.

Chandula Kodituwakku

Computer Science, 4th-year undergraduate student

2020 June – From doing presentations for UVic Systems to winning a national cybersecurity competition, Chandula Kodituwakku believes in the importance of hands-on learning and getting out of one’s comfort zone. Read more

Co-op student Jenna Brown stands in a low-lit hallway in front of signage that describes PBX Engineering’s services

Jenna Brown

Electrical Engineering, 4th-year undergraduate student

2020 February – Electrical Engineering student Jenna Brown has thrown herself into a series of challenging positions, only to discover that these are where the greatest rewards lie. Read more

kyle 450 jpg

Kyle Wilson

Computer Science, 3rd-year undergraduate student

2020 February – A passion for Wikipedia combined with a background in Computer Science and knack for writing inspired Kyle Wilson to pitch his articles to major online magazines. Read more

Alex Doknjas sits in a lab at a work bench, holding a small satellite called a CubeSat

Alex Doknjas

Electrical Engineering, graduated with BEng Spring 2019

2020 January – Alex Doknjas is passionate about aerospace and is right at home working as a full-time research assistant and lab manager in UVic’s Satellite Integration Lab. Read more

Camille Zimmer crouches down on the bank of Goldstream River and scoops up water in a glass container and then uses equipment to test its quality

Camille Zimmer

Civil Engineering, 1st-year PhD student

2020 January – Camille Zimmer has a decidedly broad range of interests – from helping protect the quality and quantity of our water supply to backcountry skiing and bouldering – and she works hard to balance them all. Read more


Jared White

Mechanical Engineering, graduated with BEng Summer 2019

2019 October – Jared White didn’t set out to pursue a degree in engineering. From an early age, he’d always loved the ocean and later scuba diving. Read more


Sadegh Hasanpour

Mechanical Engineering, 4th-year PhD student

2019 October – What excites Sadegh Hasanpour most about the work he’s doing at UVic is the real-life impact it will have – both on improving health care and helping save the planet. Read more


Aria Poutanen

Computer Science, 4th-year undergraduate student

2019 October – Computer scientist, radio DJ and Bandcamp developer. Read more