Faculty of Education Research Excellence Awards 2018

Portrait of Allyson Hadwin and portrait of PJ Naylor

Photo: Allyson Hadwin (left) and PJ Naylor (right)

Established in 2012, the annual Faculty of Education Award for Excellence in Research recognizes an individual or collaborative research team who has shown excellence in research. In an unusual case, the 2018 award was given to dual recipients, Allyson Hadwin and PJ Naylor respectively. 

Dr. Hadwin is an Associate Professor in Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies (EPLS). She is recognized by the selection committee for her work in the field of self-regulation, which has made a significant contribution to educational research and to the practice of educators along being recognized nationally for her outstanding mentorship of graduate students.

Dr. Hadwin’s high number of top-tier journal articles, the extent of her funded research, and her work as a keynote speaker in national and international settings also served as evidence of her research’s impacts and excellence. 

One of Dr. Hadwin’s projects was creating ED-D 101, Learning Strategies for University Success. The popular class has taught countless UVic undergraduates self-regulatory strategies for success in their academic career. It does so by introducing them to educational psychology theories, principles and research.

“Dr. Hadwin exemplifies the critical synergy among research, teaching and service that is the hallmark of a leading scholar,” said Anne Marshall in her nomination letter.

Dr. Naylor, a Professor in Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education (EPHE) is recognized for her work in the field of health promotion and education. “The committee believes that your work in the field of implementation science has helped situate our faculty as a leader in health education,” said Catherine McGregor, Associate Dean of Graduate Programs and Research, in her letter announcing the selection.

Dr. Naylor’s mentorship of other students was also noted by the committee during their selection. She worked on a large number of shared author publications, which helped develop and further the research and policy careers of many graduate students.

“What raises her above the bar is her uncompromising ethic to establish important and crucial partnerships between researchers, practitioners and decision-makers, providing evidence to guide decision making and influencing other public health initiatives that have endured long after funding ceased,” said Professor Louise Masse of Dr. Naylor while nominating her for the award.

Congratulations to both 2018 winners!