Meet the 2023 Faculty of Education award winners

On May 8, 2023, the Faculty of Education hosted our annual end-of-year award ceremony. This year’s event took place at the UVic MacLaurin Building Learning Commons. Faculty, students, friends and family gathered to celebrate and raise a toast to all of this year’s inspiring award winners. Each award presenter took care to outline the recipient’s meaningful contribution to our community.

Meet this year's award recipients!

1. Undergraduate Student Service Award
Presented to Linnea Leist

This award recognizes a student who is exceptionally dedicated to service within the UVic student community and goes above and beyond in their volunteer roles.

Linnea’s impressive professionalism, maturity and resilience allow her to excel working in these environments. She is already beginning her post-graduate professional learning as she is volunteering in July for an international teacher education conference at UVic.

“Linnea shows up consistently, ready to engage and do whatever is needed to support the task at hand even if she does not directly benefit from it. This is the definition of service,” says staff member Michelle Butterfield.

Photo caption: Linnea Leist accepting the Student Service Award from Leslee Francis Pelton.


2. Staff Excellence Award
Presented to Brad Temple

The staff excellence award goes to someone who shows continual guidance, support and encouragement to students and staff.

Brad quickly responds to student and faculty needs with thoroughness and genuine eagerness. Brad is seen as the ‘go-to guy’, always willing to lend a helping hand and support his students in developing self-confidence as they learn to navigate the demands of their academic program.

Faculty member Dr. Laura Lauzon says, “His commitment to values-based education and experiential learning has helped me as an instructor and the students I teach recognize that it is important to blend intellect with wisdom.”  

Photo caption: Kathy Gaul and Sandra Gibbons presenting Brad Temple with the Staff Excellence Award.

3. Diversity in Education Award
Presented to the UVic Education Student Equity Advocates (Ed SEA)

The Diversity in Education Award is presented to someone who demonstrates leadership in diversity and inclusion, acting as a role model throughout the community.

This group creates and directs a variety of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) workshops and events that promote social justice matters for the community. Past initiatives include workshops on land acknowledgments and addressing structural racism. EDSEA encourages communities and individuals to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. This year's EDSEA members are Rylee Zondervan, Alexandra Zondervan, Hayley Hubbs, Mariana Jimenez, Xiaopei Peng and Monica Devonshire.

“EDSEA delivered a workshop ‘Building Anti-Racist Capacities in our Teaching Practice’ for 150 new teacher candidates in our programs. It was wonderful to see them demonstrate a commitment to career-long learning and professional sharing,” says staff member Dana Bell.

Photo caption: Riley and Alexandra Zondervan accepting the Diversity in Education Award presented by Kerry Robertson


4. Award for Excellence in Research
Presented to Darlene Clover 

The Award for Excellence in Research recognizes an impressive academic career and commitment to learning from a scholar.

Darlene’s inspiring academic career spans over three decades as a scholar, teacher, author and mentor to many. She is constantly on the move conducting valuable research around the world and traveling to deliver keynote presentations. Darlene is a recognized leader in adult education, cultural community activism and arts-based adult research and learning.

“Her intellectual brilliance and ethical commitment to women and gender equality has shifted the field and inspired many to continue with her legacy,” says Paul Whitinui, Acting Associate Dean, Graduate Programs & Research.


5. Faculty of Education Award for Excellence in Research
Presented to Ryan Rhodes 

Ryan’s academic career spans over 20 years and he is one of the most published authors worldwide. His research-inspired teaching is demonstrated through his dedication to mentoring students and junior faculty, and maintaining meaningful connections as a mentor and colleague.

“Ryan has been successful in securing funding from nearly all the major Canadian funding bodies. His research has helped define the integrative approach required for research focused on behavior and physical activity in population health,” says faculty member Kurt Smith.

Photo caption: Paul Whitinui presenting the Excellence in Research Award 

6. Outstanding Ph.D./Graduate Student Research Award
Presented to Richard Wainwright

This award recognizes the impressive research from a Ph.D./Graduate student whose research promotes critical thinking and dedication to learning.

Richard’s research explores ontological play and expands our understanding of the ethical and aesthetic dimensions of creative practice. His research helps artists, educators and community activists to reimagine their relationships with the world around them.

“The emphasis on ontological diversity and machinic capacity invites reconsideration of ethical and environmental policies, advocating for the recognition and protection of non-human forms of agency and ecosystems,” says faculty member Monica Prendergast.

Photo caption: Guests at the award ceremony gathered at the MacLaurin Learning Commons


Congratulations to all of this year’s award winners!