Faculty of Education Award Winners 2018-19

Colin Deane photo

Colin Deane awarded 2018 Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award - Master's

Sarah Wright Cardinal photo

Sarah Wright Cardinal awarded 2018 Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award - PhD

Colin Deane photoGraham McDonough

Graham McDonough awarded 2018 Teaching Excellence Award

Bruno de Oliveira photo

Bruno de Oliveira awarded 2018 Diversity in Education Award

Rebecca Zammit photo

Rebecca Zammit awarded 2018 Staff Excellence Award

Amirali Hassani photo

Amirali Hassani awarded 2018 Deans' Undergraduate Student Service Award

The second annual Faculty of Education Awards Recognition Dinner took place on Tuesday, May 14th at the University Club. The 10 winners were selected from a pool of nominees and each took home a plaque and a cheque.

Excellence in Research Award

Allyson Hadwin is an internationally recognized scholar in the field of self-regulated learning (SRL), known for her leading-edge research, her collaborations with colleagues around the world, her mentorship of graduate students, and her dedication to knowledge mobilization through teaching and community presentations. She developed and teaches Ed-D 101 Strategies for University Success to undergraduate students. She exemplifies the critical synergy among research, teaching, and service that is the hallmark of a leading scholar.

Passionate researcher PJ Naylor is genuinely concerned for the health and welfare of others. She is setting the stage for impact on child health by creating a vanguard of population health intervention practitioners and scientists and scaling up and implementing effective population-level physical activity and healthy eating interventions. She has a keen ability to mix contemporary theory with pragmatic and practical research outcome. Her collaborative skills at bridging researchers/academia with government and community partnerships are exceptional. She always takes the time to speak to the media and work with granting agencies for reviews. Beyond teaching and research, PJ also is the EPHE graduate program chair.

Teaching Excellence Award

Sessional instructor Bruno de Oliveira Jayme was recognized for his teaching excellence. His respectful, inspirational and innovative way of teaching is truly transformational. It allows students to connect deeply with each other and creates a place of community and trust. Bruno has demonstrated a commitment to creating space for other ways of knowing and learning while maintaining the integrity of a graduate level course within an academic institution.

Associate professor revered by his team, Marc Klimstra is constantly seeking to improve his courses and teaching environment. He is working on redesigning the Kinesiology program to improve our undergraduate student experience. Beyond continually improving his teaching, Marc’s teaching extends outside of the classroom where he participates in a wide range of outreach teaching commitments.

Diversity in Education Award

EPLS Master student Kathryn Saunders was recognized by the Diversity and Belonging Committee for her initiatives to engage in curriculum change by challenging problematic content in her classes and working with the EPLS Equity Committee to engage in a decolonizing initiative to role model anti-oppressive behaviours. Kathryn's dedication to counselling work supporting diverse and marginalized populations and her engagement in the community is outstanding.

Deans’ Undergraduate Student Service Award

Fourth-year elementary teacher education student Melissa Lyon was recognized for her leadership and powerful advocacy for students with disabilities. Her volunteerism for various organizations includes Dr. Tanaka’s Centre for Autism Research, Technology, & Education (CARTE), building a robotic butler for people with disabilities, and helping classmates and many in her community better understand what it means to live with a disability. She also tutored indigenous students at the Kwum Kwum Lelum Songhees through CORE and is on the advisory teams for the BC Cerebral Palsy Association, the BC Children’s Health Foundation, and the Headway Victoria Epilepsy Association.

Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award

EPHE Master student Cassandra Husband was awarded for her outstanding innovative work titled: Identity Crisis: A mixed methods examination of exercise identity development using qualitative interviews and a feasibility randomized trial. Her work examined the antecedents of exercise identity formation among undergraduate students, and the feasibility of translating these antecedents into intervention targets. Cassandra’s work explored identity formation through indirect means of motivated behaviour change over time, or through direct targeting of identity-related antecedents, and is the first intervention of its kind.

EPLS PhD student Breanna C. Lawrence received this award for her outstanding, innovative and challenging study of the direct and indirect influences of co-occurring mental health difficulties and learning disabilities in Canadian youth titled: An Ecological Mixed Methods Study of Youth with Learning Disabilities: Exploring Personal and Familial Influences on Mental Health.

EDCI PhD student Michael Paskevicius was awarded for his research titled: Exploring Educators Experiences Implementing Open Educational Practices. His work explores the experience of educators who adapted their pedagogical practices to open education. His work has made significant and original contributions to the academic community in educational technology and open education, and to Canadian society in general. 

Staff Excellence Award

The annual Staff Excellence award was given to Caren Willms (Art Education). Beyond overseeing six studio spaces, keeping a close eye on budget, maintaining a library of art print materials, purchasing, organizing and protecting supplies, building strong relationships with students, faculty members, and sessional instructors; she oversees work-study students; liaises with other units on campus, and reviews student lesson plans. She is also a practicing artist with a sound knowledge of studio activities. Because of her uncanny ability to be aware of the activities in each studio, Caren anticipates needs and works to make certain that necessary materials are available.