Upcoming Masters of Education programs starting in 2023

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction is now accepting applications for the following Masters of Education programs starting in 2023.
Please send your expression of interest to:


COMING SUMMER 2024! M.Ed in Curriculum Studies Cohort: Inclusive Worldviews and Compassionate Pedagogies

This program is designed for educators interested in learning how worldviews and identities inform our understandings of social justice issues (cultural sensitivity, power, voice, invisibility, representation, discrimination, and privilege), which shape our teaching. Compassionate pedagogies encourage a more equitable balance of power related to gender, race, culture, religion, sexuality, class, and ability. Designed to support educators as thoughtful and informed practitioners, this program offers a site in which educators can take up questions of practice that arise in their particular settings.

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M.Ed. in Curriculum Studies Cohort (International Cohort) Fall 2023

The Master of Education degree in curriculum studies (international cohort) offers educators a dynamic opportunity to work together in a two-year cohort. The courses in the program will focus on current issues and trends in education, and will address a range of theories and principles that guide teaching and learning. Students will conclude their program by developing an original graduating project based on their specific area of interest. Students will complete 15 units (7 courses plus graduating project).

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DEADLINE EXTENDED TO FEB 28! M.Ed. in Educational Technology Fall 2023 

Our M.Ed. Educational Technology is designed for educators, learning support, and administrators in a K-12 or adult learning context. Across this two-year cohort-based program, we provide a close community to support working professionals. Courses will offer a foundation in both research and practice related to integrating technology to enhance and transform teaching and learning. Learners will develop literacies with digital, networked, and open technologies and explore the major shifts in education such as personalization, connectedness, openness, assessment, and modalities, such as hybrid, online, and multi-access designs. Students will conclude their program by developing an original graduating project in their area of interest. Please note that some of the terms in this program are part-time.

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