Centre for Outreach Education (CORE)

A CORE Tutor and student writing

Exploring learning in alternative ways

Students can look forward to enthusiastic tutors and innovative teaching methods to meet their learning needs.

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A student works on math problems through alternative approaches.

Alternative approaches to learning basic skills

Students at CORE are supported through alternative learning methods to address their unique learning needs.

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a student learns at Kwum Kwum Lelum

Building community partnerships

CORE's outreach programs mean that our tutors can travel to where they are needed.

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picture of student and tutor using scrabble pieces

Learning through literature

At CORE Club, we believe that students learn best when they're having fun. Whether they are working on math, reading, writing, or spelling, games are always a big part of most lessons.

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The Centre for Outreach Education (CORE) is a multidisciplinary centre dedicated to enhancing the education of children and youth. Located at the University of Victoria, CORE is administered by the Faculty of Education under the guidance of the Dean of Education and a steering committee composed of volunteer faculty members.

Founded in 2011 with a generous bequest from an anonymous donor, CORE is dedicated to providing:

CORE's aim is to fill unmet needs in the community, and to provide services to children and youth who need help the most. There are no fees for any of CORE's services.