Frequently asked questions

Graduate student frequently asked questions

Note: The Graduate student orientation presentation may answer some of your questions.

Question: How do I apply for graduate studies with the Department of Mechanical Engineering?

Answer: Learn about applying to our graduate programs


Question: How many graduate programs does the department offer?

Answer: We offer:

  • Master of Engineering (MEng) – non-thesis option
  • Master of Applied Science (MASc) – thesis option
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Question: How many terms does the university have?

Answer: Three.

  • Winter Session – First Term (September to December)
  • Winter Session – Second Term (January to April)
  • Summer Session – May to August


Question: What are the application deadlines?

Answer: The department accepts applications at all times but many scholarship applications have deadlines at different times of the year. If you are an international student the visa application process may cause considerable delay and you could miss your desired entry point.

Question: What is the application process?

Answer: Learn about how to apply.


Question: What happens after I apply?


  • Graduate Records and Admissions will evaluate the application. If the application meets university minimum standards, they forward the entire application to the department.
  • The department distributes applications to faculty members.
  • Faculty members review the application to determine if they can supervise the students’ research interest.
  • If a faculty member has available time, space and funding, they may consider offering admission.


Question: How do I register for my courses?


  • You can register online (ie remotely). To do so you will need to obtain a NetLink ID. A NetLinkID allows you to “Sign in to UVic,” which is located in the top right corner of each UVic website.
  • Once you have logged in to UVic click on “student services ” on the left side of the page, then click on the “registration” in the middle section of the page. Registration information and tools will appear for checking your status and adding/dropping courses.
  • Be sure to register for your thesis. This can be done online.
  • Contact your supervisor or the graduate adviser to determine the number of courses you take in the fall.


Question: How much are tuition fees?

Answer: Learn about tuition fees.


Question:  Is there financial support available?

Answer:  Yes, there are multiple sources of financial support for graduate study, including:

  1. Various fellowships and scholarships.
  2. Research assistantships from research funding of the supervising professor. You may contact our faculty members directly for potential opportunities.
  3. Teaching assistantships for graduate students in the department.


Question: Does the department offer teaching assistant positions?

Answer: Yes, please visit our job postings page.


Question: Do I need to submit GRE scores?

Answer: No. We do not require GRE at this time. However, you can submit your score if you do have one. A high GRE score can improve your chance of acceptance.


Question:  Can I contact a professor directly?

Answer: Yes, see the directory of faculty members.


Question: What types of research are the professors conducting?

Answer: See a full list of faculty research.


Question: Does the department have research laboratories?

Answer: Yes, learn about our research facilities.


Question: What other facilities are available?

Answer: We have fully functional machine and electronics shops.


Question: I have submitted my application, but I have not heard if I have been accepted.

Answer:The Graduate and Records Office sends application packages to the department. Members of the faculty review the applications.

If a faculty member’s research, teaching load, and financial capability can ensure the applicant will succeed, they will provide a letter of recommendation.

If the department’s faculty members’ research, teaching load, and financial capability are unable to meet the applicant’s requirements, we will not provide a letter of recommendation. However, we will keep the application until the last day of course registration for the entry point requested.