Master of Engineering (MEng)

The MEng program is designed to provide students with an opportunity to strengthen and extend the knowledge you’ve gained at the undergraduate level. Our MEng program is intended to prepare students for advanced professional activity in various industrial settings. You’ll complete eight graduate-level courses, graduate seminar and a research project.  

All MEng students will be under the supervision of a member of the department’s graduate faculty.


Applicants will normally hold an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. The minimum requirement for admission to the MEng is B (grade point average of 5.0 on the University of Victoria scale of 9.0) for the last two years of university work.

Admission to the program is subject to the sponsorship of a supervisor.  Prospective MEng students must contact potential supervisors, before applying, where a potential supervisor must indicate interest .

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Program requirements

In consultation with their supervisors, MEng students set up their programs by selecting courses and a research project.   

Course Requirements

The program consists of a minimum of 16.0 units, normally with not less than 12 units of graduate course work, a 1.0 unit seminar and a MEng Project Report (MECH 598).

Required course work is subject to the approval of the department.

Other Requirements

The program of study is determined by the supervisory committee in consultation with the student.

The program allows for a maximum of two Directed Studies courses (MECH 590), of which only one may be directly related to the project report, and two 400-level undergraduate courses. With permission of the supervisor and Graduate Program Director, up to 6.0 units of relevant coursework may be taken from other departments.

All MEng students are required to register in the seminar (MECH 594), normally until program completion. The seminar has a unit value of 1.0. Students must attend a minimum of 6 of the seminars per term, for a total of 36 seminars over 2 years.

Final Project

The project (MECH 598) for the MEng program is normally not greater than 3.0 units. The topic of the project is subject to the approval of the department.

The work leading to the project must be performed under the direction of an academic supervisor who is a member of the department’s graduate faculty. A detailed description of the project will be presented in a formal report written by the student.

Each student’s program is subject to the approval of the department.

Oral Examination

MEng students will be required to defend their completed project in a final oral examination which is open to the public.

Program Length

The program length for MEng is guided by time limits established by the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Typically, the Department of Mechanical Engineering MEng students are expected to complete program requirements within 24 months.