Photo gallery

Thank you to UVic Photo Services and 2017 volunteers Farzeen Iqbal and Faiza Naz for supplying event photos.

Critical Conversations: Re-imagining Identities, Power & Privilege (2017)

The opening of the 2017 conference began with a welcome to the territory and a welcome from President Jamie Cassels. Dr. Grace Wong Sneddon then introduced a short video reflecting on the past 10 years of the Diversity Research Forum and the value of critical conversations. The Provost’s Advocacy & Activism award was presented, and the winners of the Diversity Writing Awards and Spoken Word Contest read from their work. The next day opened with a senior leadership plenary session on diversity, equity and inclusion at UVic. Concurrent workshops and sessions included Mobilizing our Words: Student Voices on the Indigenous and International PlansBlows against the Academy: Shifting Definitions of Scholarship, Gender Bias and Music, As Long as the Sun Shines, Grass Grows and Rivers Flow: A Century and a Half Measured through Artistic Activism, Social Justice, Diversity & Advocacy, and Globalization, Migration and the University: Challenges and Opportunities.

Critical Conversations: Reconciliation and Resurgence (2016)

The opening of the 2016 conference featured keynote speaker Chancellor Shelagh Rogers plus the Victoria premiere of the short documentary film, Mia’, with  filmmakers Amanda Strong and Bracken Hanuse Corlett in attendance. The winners of the Diversity Writing Awards and Spoken Word Contest also read from their work. The plenary session, with special guests Paulette Regan (TRC) and Aimee Craft (University of Manitoba) led to a moving session with Dr. Andrea Walsh and invited Elders, who spoke about the artwork they had created as children at residential school. Other conference sessions touched on the topics of allyship, global and Indigenous mental health, and applied theatre in a university setting.

Critical Conversations: Privilege and Prejudice (2015)

The opening of the 2015 diversity forum included an enlightening applied theatre performance, Baggage Claim, by Kirsten Sadeghi-Yekta and collaborators, and readings by winners of the Diversity Writing Awards. The conference also featured a UNI 101 performance, A hole in the Bucket: Negotiating Barriers to Collaborative Learning as well as concurrent sessions Navigating Gender and Sexual Diversity in Learning Environments; Cognitive Diversity: Different Ways of Thinking;  More Than a Matrix: Intersectional Approaches to Inequity and Difference; Hot Buttons in the Classroom: Limits, Learning and Living Together; No More Stolen Indigenous Sisters: A Renewal of Hope; and What Should Be Shared and How? Ownership, Authority and Authorship in Collaborative Research.

Critical Conversations: Arts, Allies and Activism (2014)

The 2014 forum featured keynote speakers Denise Chong, an internationally-published and award-winning writer, and Yvonne Shorter Brown, whose research, writing and workshops focus on how the legacies of the transatlantic slave trade are remembered in various struggles for citizenship. The opening ceremony included the Dance of the Big Button Blanket, the unveiling of the biggest button blanket in the world.

Critical Conversations: Rethinking Realities (2013)

The 2013 forum featured keynote speakers The Honorable Jim Munson, who spoke about his interests in the rights of children and people with disabilities, and Mrs. Olivia Barr, a member of UVic's first graduating class (1964) and first woman elected as a student council president in a co-ed Canadian university. Two panel sessions reflected on diversity in UVic's 50th anniversary year, including the closing plenary, 50 years of activism: Then and now.

Critical Conversations: Living Social Justice (2012)

The 2012 forum featured keynote speaker Her Honour Gwendolyn Point.