Hiring outside co-op

Hiring outside co-op
There are other options to gain hands-on experience if you can't commit to a full four month co-op term.

If co-op doesn't meet your hiring needs, there are other options available to hire UVic students through our Co-op and Career portal portal—just sign up with an employer or community member account to get started.

Post a job, casual position or volunteer opportunity

Post in the Co-op and Career portal to recruit for full- or part-time positions, casual work or volunteer opportunities. All UVic students and alumni have access to the portal. You can also search student work profiles to find students looking for casual employment.

Hire a tutor

Search the tutor registry in the Co-op and Career portal to find a tutor specializing in your desired area. (You can also post your own tutor profile to offer your tutoring services.)

Need help with hiring?

Contact 250-721-6616.