Mock interview clinics

We're looking for your interview expertise!

We're hosting an expanded series of mock interviews for students, and we’d like to invite you to take a front-row seat! By volunteering as a mock interviewer, you'll have the opportunity to promote your organization to students on campus while helping students improve their interview skills in a realistic setting.

Sign up as an interviewer

Sign-up is simple! Just call or email your co-op coordinator indicating your interest and he or she will provide the details.

Benefits for mock-interviewers

  • Build awareness of your brand on our campus.  
  • You'll meet a selection of our standout students, opening a window on future recruitment opportunities. 
  • Through the interview process, your junior staff will gain valuable training in interviewing job candidates.

The interviewer's role

  • Before the event, you’ll receive student applications to review in advance to your interviews. Please have the applications with you at the time of your mock interviews.
  • On event day, you’ll conduct a 25-minute interview and feedback session with each student.
  • Due to the UVic online teaching and learning environment due to COVID-19, interviews may be conducted via phone, Zoom, MS Teams or other tech platforms to support virtual interviews.

Helpful documents



Contact the co-op coordinator in your program area for information about mock interview clinics.