Helping students excel

For some students, this may be their first time working in a professional environment—and they're excited and keen to contribute! These tips can help your student adapt, learn and make the most of their co-op experience with your organization.

  • Send the student any materials, websites, past project summaries, etc., that will help them prepare
  • Arrange a welcome orientation (could include a department walkthrough, an overview of your organizational chart and a staff-wide introductory email)
  • Rotate the student through multiple departments to help them build a holistic understanding of your organization
  • Allow students to invite senior staff to lunch or coffee
  • Include students during staff meetings and training sessions
  • If your organization has multiple co-op students, encourage them to connect with one another
  • Facilitate meetings between students and professional contacts to help them explore career paths in your industry
  • Involve current students in the hiring of the next co-op student
  • Include students in extracurricular and social activities
  • Ask students to complete a presentation about their experiences
Download a take-away version: Best practices for a successful co-op work term