How to hire

Posting a co-op job is easy and free, and our staff are here to help at every step! If you have any questions, please contact  or 250-721-6616.

Send in your job description

Just send your job description to the co-op office and we're happy to post the position on your behalf. We post co-op jobs in the Co-op and Career portal, our online career portal.

If you prefer to post the job yourself, please check the tab at the bottom of this page for instructions.

Shortlist applications

After your co-op job posting closes, you'll review the applications and create a shortlist of candidates. Your co-op office can send you a convenient package with all of the student applications.

You're also welcome to view the applications yourself anytime online—check the tab at the bottom of this page for instructions.

Hold your interviews

To arrange interviews, please send your shortlist of candidate names to your co-op office along with your preferred interview date(s), timeslots and location (in person, phone, Skype or videoconference). We can take care of scheduling the interviews, or you're welcome to arrange interviews yourself—we just ask that you please keep us informed. If you need interview space, just let us know—we're happy to arrange space on campus upon request.

Make a job offer

After your interviews, you'll choose which co-op student you'd like to hire. Please inform your co-op office of the successful candidate (please do not contact the student directly). We'll extend the job offer on your behalf, and the student will have 24-48 hours to accept the job offer. We'll let you know as soon as we receive a response! Once the student has accepted your offer, we'll put you in touch with her or him directly to arrange a start date, any paperwork and other job details.

Frequently asked questions about equity during the hiring process

What are my legal responsibilities in hiring for diversity?

When am I permitted to ask about an employee's disability?

In an interview, it is illegal to ask a candidate whether they have a disability. However, it is good practice to ask if they need an accommodation to perform the job after a job offer has been made.

After describing the job thoroughly in the interview, you can ask the candidate if they are able to perform the essential functions of the job. You can also ask how they would perform specific job-related functions.

You can find more details about what you can and cannot ask in the Employment Equity Act and on the Canada HR Centre website.

How can I make my hiring process inclusive, fair and effective?

  • Reach out through a variety of media to advertise your job opening.
  • Hire staff based on competencies. When writing job postings, list the skills, knowledge and attributes required for the job.  This way, you focus on attracting applicants who can do the job. In your interviews, ask questions that tell you whether the person has the ability to do the job—this way, you focus on ability, not disability or other perceived challenges.
  • Be proactive—create a hiring atmosphere that promotes inclusiveness. For example, choose an interview space that is well lit, spacious and accessible.
  • Be sensitive to applicants’ needs and accommodate them during the interview process. For example, if you’ve been informed in advance that an applicant is hearing impaired or has a learning disability, you could provide the questions in written form in addition to asking verbally. For a candidate who uses a wheelchair, ensure that your interview space is accessible.

How can I hire a diverse team?

When hiring, consider incorporating practices that attract employees from diverse backgrounds to your workplace. A diverse team can increase innovation and productivity and attract a broader clientele to your business.

A diverse team might include employees of different race, ancestry or ethno-cultural origin, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, family status and mental or physical ability.

Sector organizations often have helpful resources to help you with attracting and hiring qualified employees from diverse populations. For example:

Provincial resources on hiring a diverse workforce

The province where you operate your organization may have information and resources that answer your specific questions. They also may have specific insights into special populations in your area and information about funding available in the province. Here are some examples:

Specialized organizations:

Read about specific populations to understand the value they bring to your organization and how you can take steps to include them. For example:

  • Immigrant Employment Council of BC: Connects employers with immigrant talent to improve their bottom line, build local communities and grow the economy.
  • Inclusion BC: Information on workplace inclusion of people with developmental disabilities.
  • Mental Health Works: How to approach hiring to include people with disabilities, including those with mental health issues.

Managing your postings yourself

We are happy to post your job for you, as described above—but if you wish to post a job yourself, you can do so by creating an employer account on Learning In Motion. If you need help, please contact  or 250-721-6616.

Create an account on the Co-op and Career portal

  1. Visit the Co-op and Career portal and choose “Employers”
  2. Choose “New account registration” (or "Register a new account")
  3. Fill in your contact and organization information, and then click “Submit registration”.
  4. Once approved, you’ll receive an email confirming that your account has been created.

Post your co-op job

  1. Visit the Co-op and Career portal, choose “Employers” and then "Log in".
  2. Once you’ve signed in, select the “Co-op” tab on the right-hand navigation bar.
  3. Select the “Job postings” tab below that, and then the “Post a new job” button.
  4. Complete the job posting form to provide information about the job, the job description and the program areas you are targeting. 
  5. Select “Submit job posting for approval”. It may take a few days for your position to be approved and posted. Now, when you log in to the Co-op and Career portal, you’ll see a list of your pending and posted positions.

Your co-op office can send you a convenient package with all of the student applications when your posting closes, but you are welcome to access the applications yourself anytime online. If you need help, please contact  or 250-721-6616.

Access your job applications

  1. Visit the Co-op and Career portal, choose “Employers” and then "Log in". 
  2. After logging in, you’ll see a list of your job postings. Click on the job posting you’d like to see applications for.
  3. Choose “View applications” from below the posting summary to see a list of applicants and their application packages.