Co-curricular experiences

Co-curricular record
Students who volunteer with UVic's Global Community help international students connect with UVic and learn about everything from campus amenities to BC Transit and more!

As we return to campus, there are many opportunities to gain hands-on experience outside of your academic program. Many social, educational and employment opportunities are currently available.

These co-curricular experiences help you contribute to your communities, get involved and discover your strengths. Co-curricular experiences include:

  • Community Leader positions (UVic Residence)
  • Mentor and Conversation Partner positions (UVic Global Community)
  • Orientation Leader (Office of Student Life)
  • Student Mental Health Blogger (Office of Student Life)
  • Research assistant positions (across campus)
  • Workshop participation (Anti-Violence Project (AVP) and the Office of Student Life)
  • and many more!

Please note: Available experiences are subject to change in accordance with public health guidelines 

All about the Co-Curricular Record (CCR)

UVic's Co-Curricular Record (CCR) recognizes students' co-curricular involvement, including volunteer and student leadership experiences.

When students take part in CCR hands-on experiences, they develop skills such as team work and communication and demonstrate their community involvement. Their participation is validated by a faculty or staff member and students receive a record of the experience, which can be used in job applications, on graduate school applications and more.

The CCR provides:

  • access for students to a university-validated record of their co-curricular involvement
  • increased visibility and access to opportunities available across campus
  • a tangible way to share all university experiences when applying for employment, graduate schools and scholarships

Students who participate in CCR experiences enhance their career development and amplify their UVic experience through dynamic learning - all facets of UVic's Strategic Framework.

CCR information for students

How can you search existing CCR experiences and add a position to your record??

As a student, you may be participating in an experience that already qualifies for a CCR.

Login to the Co-op and Career portal and click "Co-Curricular" on the menu bar. From here you can follow instructions to add a position to your record, or browse available opportunities through the CCR Catalogue.

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How can you add a new experience to the CCR?

Are you involved in an experience that you’d  like to receive a CCR for that is not currently in the CCR catalogue? New activities must be submitted to the system by a UVic faculty or staff member who is willing to be the 'validator' for this activity. Being a validator means verifying students' participation and learning outcomes.

If you know a faculty or staff member who would like to add an activity, please refer them to the faculty and staff section of this webpage for further info and instructions.


CCR information for faculty and staff

As a faculty or staff member, you may already be supervising a co-curricular experience or you may be developing this type of opportunity. By registering this experience with UVic’s CCR program, you can help students—and yourself—make the most of this experience.

Read our CCR guide for UVic faculty and staff

Does your experience qualify for the CCR?

CCR experiences:

  • must provide students with valuable learning opportunities
  • do not count towards academic credit
  • relate to the students' UVic experience
  • provide the opportunity to develop specific learning outcomes
  • must be validated by a UVic faculty or staff member

How can you add an experience to the CCR?

To add an experience

  1. Login to the Co-op and Career portal using your Netlink ID
  2. Select "co-curricular" on the menu bar
  3. Click “add an experience"
  4. Follow the instructions to enter your experience [see sample descriptions]
  5. Select learning outcomes for your experience from a pre-written list*
  6. Choose your validator**

After you submit your experience

A co-curricular administrator will review your experience and approve it, or contact you for further information.

Once your experience has been added to the CCR catalogue, you can refer participating students to the "information for students" section or this page for information and instructions on adding the experience or position to their record.

*The co-curricular learning outcomes are drawn from the Co-op and Career core competencies which are valued by employers and aligned with the UVic learning outcomes.

**The validator is responsible for verifying students' participation in the experience, as well as verifying that the student has achieved the pre-established learning outcomes for an experience. When a student adds the experience to their co-curricular record, the validator receives an email requesting approval, and can login to the Co-op and Career portal to review and approve the request. You may assign yourself or another faculty/staff member as validator.

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