What can you do with your degree?

What can you do with your degree?

A career exploration panel series

Learn how you can make the leap from university to a rewarding career.

  • Hear from industry experts about career options in specific industries—and how they broke into their sectors
  • Learn about the current job market
  • Get meaningful advice on your career plans
  • Figure out your next steps after graduation

PLUS Attend the 1-hour panel to hear from all speakers—stay after to connect with panelists one-on-one!

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Tues, Oct 22
5 - 7 p.m.

Cornett B143

Working in environmental sustainability and green technology

Business, Engineering, Science, Social Sciences
Weds, Nov 27
5 - 7 p.m.
Turpin A110

Working in the biomedical, health and scientific research sectors

Business, Engineering, Health Information Science, Nursing, Science

* All students are welcome to attend any session.

Meet our panelists

We're excited to welcome the following panelists to campus.

John Ho - Community Energy Specialist, Engineering and Public Works, City of Victoria

At the City of Victoria, John works on a variety of climate action initiatives that range from policy development, program design, and community engagement. The focus of his work is on building retrofits and he is currently developing a strategy to transition all households in Victoria to run off of renewable energy and become highly energy efficient. John has an undergraduate degree in geography from the University of Victoria and graduated with co-op distinction.

Geoff Huber - Supervisor of Environmental Services, BC Transit

Geoff Huber first completed his Diploma in Environmental Technology at Camosun College before completing his BSc. in Biology at UVic. Since completing his degree in 2004, Geoff has worked in all three facets of environmental management work (Private, Non-Profit & Government). The areas of work in his career have included research, field work, education, outreach, project management and compliance.

Geoff started working at BC Transit in 2011 as the Environmental Officer and has since moved into the role of Supervisor Environmental Services responsible for all environmental related aspect compliance, reporting and management for the Province wide organization.

Ryan Park - Chief Information Officer, GreenPath Energy Ltd.

Ryan began his career by obtaining his Chartered Accountant designation in 2008 while working at KPMG in Victoria. Ryan found that after completing his designation he had a lot of free time, thus he reignited his interest in software development and started publishing small apps.

After leaving KPMG Ryan worked for the Auditor General and was exposed to his first taste of environmental sustainability by managing the audit of the government’s carbon offset crown corporation. This was the first time Ryan realized that accounting, information systems and environmental sustainability were tightly intertwined.

Ryan began consulting with GreenPath Energy Ltd. in 2016, helping them build methane accounting software and systems. Ryan joined GreenPath in 2018 as the Chief Information Officer to prepare GreenPath for upcoming methane regulations in Alberta which take effect January 1, 2020.

Heather-Lynn Remacle - Acting Director, Digital Delivery BC, DEVExchange

Heather Remacle is the Director of Digital Delivery for the BCDevExchange: a BC Public Service agency that is reinventing how the BC Government Delivers services. Heather runs the Exchange Lab which hosts teams of public servants and tech industry professionals. They innovate new services every day, while talking directly to user, and working in the open. She is a Geographer by trade, and her ability to solve problems while navigating the complexity of human and natural systems has been key to her success as a leader in the technology space. She’s also doing this work to solve for climate change.

Anita A. Thambirajah - Research Associate, Helbing Laboratory, UVic

Check back for Anita's bio.

Brandon Wright - Founder and CEO, Barnacle Systems Inc.

Brandon is the Founder and CEO of Barnacle Systems, an award-winning startup that has developed BRNKL - a boat security and monitoring product. It’s like a home security system for your boat. Barnacle Systems is currently protecting over $100-million of vessels while at the dock with a key focus on preventing boats from sinking and releasing toxins into the local environment. Did you know that 70% of vessels that sink will sink at the dock?

Words of wisdom: advice from past panelists

Jessica Woollard (English, History) – Communications Officer, Greater Victoria Public Library

One piece of career advice you would give to your undergraduate self?

I would tell my undergraduate self to take advantage of opportunities to gain professional experience at university. I focused on my studies — which is very important and helped me get scholarships for graduate school — but I wish I had made time to write for the school paper, have a radio show, run for student union. Once you’re in the working world, these kinds of opportunities are harder to come by. At university, they are there for you on a platter. If, for example, you ever think you’ll be interested in doing a radio show, don’t wait till you’re out of school and “have more time to fit it in” — you won’t. Do it now!

How did you end up on your career path? What was most helpful in guiding you along the way?

I had been leaning toward a career in education when a chance encounter in my undergraduate degree set me on my path to work in communications. I took a film studies class in second year and met a mature student auditing the class. I bumped into this woman at a Blockbuster the summer after the class had ended, and she offered me a job on the spot. It turns out she owned a private business school that helped people start their own businesses, teaching them about writing a business plan, marketing, bookkeeping, accounting, and everything you’d need to know to become an entrepreneur. She remembered how I conducted myself in class and the kind of work I produced and felt I’d be a great fit with her office. I became a marketing assistant for the school and worked there for three years before I moved out west to go to graduate school.

What has been most helpful to guide me along in my career is to always put my best foot forward — be professional, be reliable, produce good work, accept criticism with grace, and yearn to learn more.

How difficult or easy was it for you to land your first co-op or your first job after graduation?

Once I finished my Master’s, I started freelance writing to build my portfolio and gain more experience in professional writing, so I could land a job in communications. Then, an opportunity came my way to teach high school at an independent school. I thought carefully about the chance that had presented itself. I didn’t have a teaching certificate, and I was being given this opportunity. I said yes. After my year of teaching, I decided my instincts had been right; I wanted to work in communications. My first job in the field? Working for an independent school, a job I might not have gotten if I hadn’t had the year of teaching experience at an independent school.

Nathan Müller (Engineering) – Mechanical Engineer, StarFish Medical

How did you end up on your career path? What was most helpful in guiding you along the way?

The ability to integrate new practices into what was a standard degree. I followed my passion and adjusted my mechanical engineering path to include biomedical, and this opened new doors and got me where I am today. 

Who has inspired you? Were there any important mentors you had along the way?

My professors through school and my managers at my co-op placements and beyond. I appreciate their patience with my unexpected questions and their willingness to pass on their knowledge and advice.

How difficult or easy was it for you to land your first co-op or your first job after graduation?

Difficult to get a lead, but I was lucky that my previous co-op placements suited my passions in my field, and this lined me up to get my current job during an informational interview.  

What kind of personality do you like to hire as an employer (or if not applicable, what personality traits do you think have helped you in the workplace)?

The ability to work together in a team to accomplish difficult and challenging projects to a finished state, with a satisfied client, is the goal. Traits include the ability to work with people from all backgrounds, encourage others ideas while advocating their own, confidence in their own abilities with the drive to learn more. 

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