Search for co-op jobs

Co-op work terms typically start in September, January and May. You can search and apply for co-op jobs during the previous term, up to four months in advance. So, if you want to go on a work term starting in May, you can start searching in January.

When you're ready to start looking for co-op jobs, you'll need to tell your co-op office so they can make you eligible to search and apply for jobs in the Co-op and Career portal.

TIP: Ask to become eligible as early as possible so you can access more job postings, including the first ones posted each term!

You may also be asked to book a job-planning meeting (30–45 minutes) with your coordinator to discuss your upcoming work term. You might talk about:

  • Your areas of interest and career goals
  • Your desired job criteria (location, salary, type of employer, etc)
  • Job options that might match your interests and criteria
  • Tips to be competitive in your search (résumé, cover letter, interview readiness, etc)

Your co-op office will then let you know when you've been "released" to start your search!

Search for jobs in the Co-op and Career portal

You can apply to any co-op jobs you see posted in the Co-op and Career portal. Employers choose which program(s) they would like to open their posting to, so only applicable co-op jobs will show up in your search. New jobs are posted frequently, so check back often!

For tips with your search, see How to search for co-op jobs in the Co-op and Career portal.

Interested in doing an international co-op? Check out co-op abroad for details.

Find your own co-op position

If you're keen to work for a particular employer or in a certain type of role, you may also be able to seek out jobs beyond the Co-op and Career portal by approaching an employer directly. To qualify as a co-op placement, your job must be at least 12 weeks long (420 hours), be paid work and provide you with a learning experience related to your academic program.

Tips for finding your own position:

  • Tell your co-op coordinator that you’re planning to look for your own job. 
  • Make a list of employers you plan to contact—we can tell you if they’ve hired co-op students in the past. Check out job posting sites and work search tips to find ideas.
  • Contact the employers, introduce yourself, and explain your goals, skills and how you can help their organization. Mention that co-op staff are happy to help them through the hiring process.
  • Let them know if they might be eligible for employer funding.

If all goes well, you'll follow the employer’s application and interview process. (If you’re offered a job, tell your co-op office—your employer will need to send the co-op office a written letter of offer. If you’re not successful, thank the employer and keep in touch!)

Applying for positions in the cannabis industry

As of October 17, 2018, cannabis is legal in Canada.

To apply to positions in the legal cannabis industry, you must be legally eligible to work for a Government of Canada authorized licensed producer of cannabis based on federal and provincial industry legislation.

Accepting employment in the legal cannabis industry in Canada could impact your entry to other countries. Traveling to another country for reasons related to the cannabis industry may deem you inadmissible now and in the future.

Previous use of cannabis, or any other substance prohibited by local law, could also result in you being denied entry to your destination country. You are responsible for learning about the laws of the countries you intend to visit.

Learn more about cannabis in the workplace.