Search for co-op jobs

Co-op work terms typically start in September, January and May. You can search and apply for co-op jobs during the previous term, up to four months in advance. So, if you want to go on a work term starting in May, you can start searching in January.

When you're ready to start looking for co-op jobs, you'll need to tell your co-op office so they can make you eligible to search and apply for jobs in the Co-op and Career portal.

TIP: Ask to become eligible as early as possible so you can access more job postings, including the first ones posted each term!

You may also be asked to book a job-planning meeting (30–45 minutes) with your coordinator to discuss your upcoming work term. You might talk about:

  • Your areas of interest and career goals
  • Your desired job criteria (location, salary, type of employer, etc)
  • Job options that might match your interests and criteria
  • Tips to be competitive in your search (résumé, cover letter, interview readiness, etc)

Your co-op office will then let you know when you've been "released" to start your search!

Search for jobs in the Co-op and Career portal

You can apply to any co-op jobs you see posted in the Co-op and Career portal. Employers choose which program(s) they would like to open their posting to, so only applicable co-op jobs will show up in your search. New jobs are posted frequently, so check back often!

How to use the Co-op module

NOTE: These are the steps for applying to a job “through the co-op job posting system.” If the organization has indicated the application method as “by email” or “by website,” please follow the instructions provided in the posting.

Clicking Co-op from the navigation menu will bring you to your Co-op module dashboard. Here, you can find an overview of your co-op record, your current schedule/sequence, and some details about current and future terms. 

If you have a co-op job that has been registered by the co-op office, the work term record detail will show up under that term. You can click to access further details about your work term record, and can also edit certain sections of the record (e.g. to add your supervisor’s name and contact information, etc.).

The section called Co-op record is where your co-op coordinator is listed. This is the person you can contact with questions about the program and for help with your co-op job search.

In the Co-op module, you can find co-op job postings, manage your co-op documents and applications (e.g. résumés, cover letters, etc.), sign up for interviews and access your work term records to add information and complete your competency assessments. 

For more detailed information on the various tools and processes in the Co-op module, see specific tutorials on each item.

How to accept the Co-op Terms and Conditions

To submit (and thereby accept) the Co-op Terms and Condition, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into the Co-op and Career portal. Once you have logged in, you will be on your dashboard page.
  2. From the dashboard, select the action widget (usually found in the bottom-right corner of the screen), then choose Submit a form.
  3. Under the Category drop-down menu, select Co-op Terms & Conditions.
  4. Carefully read through the Terms & Conditions. If you have a question about anything included in this document, ask your co-op coordinator.
    • NOTE: Question 18 asks you to click a link that will take you to your UVic online tools, where you should enter your preferred email address and phone number.
  5. Near the end of the Terms and Conditions form, there is a section where you can identify if you are Canadian Indigenous or a student with a disability.
  6. Press "submit." By submitting this form, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions contained in the document. 

To review the Terms and Conditions or change your selection(s) from step 5:

  1. From your home/dashboard, click My forms.
  2. Click view where it lists your form (if you have edited/submitted your form multiple times, there may be multiple versions of your form listed).
  3. Select the action widget, then Review/edit form. If you make any changes, remember to submit again when you are finished

How to search for co-op jobs in the portal

Searching co-op job postings

Co-op job postings are located in the co-op module.  Once you click Co-op from the navigation menu, Job postings will appear as a sub-menu item. 

There are a number of options for searching co-op jobs. 

  1. Use Keyword Search or Organization Search. Keyword and/or organization searches can be used if you know exactly what you are looking for (e.g., “silviculture” or “Parks Canada”).
  2. Use the quick search links to browse all jobs that are open to you for a specific term, or browse all Work abroad jobs.
  3. Use the Search job postings option to define your search criteria, e.g., by location.
  4. Search posting can be used if you know the job ID of the job you are looking for.

The search results page provides a list of all jobs that meet your search criteria.  When browsing the search results, you can:

  • Click Save to save the posting to your My saved jobs list (accessible from the main job postings page under “quick links”)
  • Click Apply to directly start the application process (only recommended if you have already reviewed the full posting!)
  • Click any job title to view the full job posting.
  • Click the “Not Interested” garbage can in the far right column to remove the posting from your search results.

Reviewing co-op job postings

Jobs can vary in duration, application procedure and more, so it is important to review the information that is provided in each job posting.

For example, look at the Co-op work term duration section, as some jobs might have longer durations and count for morethan one term. Before you apply, make sure you are eligible for the duration of the job.

Pay close attention to the Special Requirements section that appears near the top of some postings, and the Additional Application Information section near the bottom of some postings – these sections provide vital information on specific job qualifications and/or additional instructions for applying (e.g., if an additional document/step is required).

There are various methods to apply to a job

  • Through the UVic Posting System: this means that you can click Apply at the top of the posting and follow the application process in the portal.
  • Employer Email: this means you will need to email your application to the employer directly using the email address provided
  • Employer website: this means you will need to access the link provided and follow instructions on the employers' website.

For all methods, be sure to also click "I intend to apply for this position" at the top of the posting. This will allow you to access the posting after it closes and to track the status of the recruitment process.

How to apply to co-op jobs in the portal

Once you click Apply on a job posting, you will be guided through the steps of submitting an application package.

First, choose whether you will apply with an application package that you have already previously created, or whether you want to create a new customized application package.

NOTE:  the “application requirements” section on this page will always just say “Résumé.”  It is important to check the “Application Material Required” section on the job posting for actual requirements!

When submitting your application, you have two options:

Option 1 - using existing application package

Selecting apply with an existing application package will show a list of all the application packages you have created in the portal (if you have created any).

Option 2 - creating a custom application package

To create a new custom application package, create a name for the package and select separate documents for each of the application materials requested. If you need to upload a new document, click the link underneath. 

Name your document so you will be able to identify it later, select the type of document, then upload the document from your files. 

Once you have uploaded and selected documents for each required type, click Submit Application.

Checking the status of an application

You can check back on the status of any jobs you have applied to by going to the Applications page, which can be found under the Co-op grouping in the navigation menu. 

This is also where you can view/access job description for any posting you applied or clicked “I intend to apply” (which can be helpful when preparing for an interview!).

Changing or withdrawing your application

If you want to change or withdraw your application prior to the application deadline, you can do so by viewing your applications and clicking Cancel Application.

NOTE - Once a job posting has closed, you will not be able to cancel your application.  Similarly, you cannot withdraw an application that is sent directly to an employer’s email or website.  If you would like to be withdrawn from a job competition for any reason, please contact your co-op coordinator.

How to sign up for a co-op interview in the portal

Signing up for an interview

If you are shortlisted for an interview through the co-op office, you will receive an email from a co-op staff member instructing you to sign up for your interview. 

    1. Login to the Co-op and Career portal. There is a section of your dashboard titled My Interviews to Schedule that will list the position you are shortlisted for. 
    2. Click Schedule Interview.
    3. Review the Interview Details section, paying particular attention to the location/special instructions.
    4. Select Book My Interview Time at the bottom of the page.
    5. Review the interview schedule, choose a time, and click Book to sign up for that timeslot. 
    6. After you have booked your timeslot, find the interview detail under Interviewer will call you at and click update.Review the interview details if you are unsure whether the interview is by phone or skype. DON’T FORGET! If you are signing up for a phone or skype interview, you need to provide your phone number and/or skype ID. 
    7. Once you have signed up for your interview, you can review the interview details at any time by checking the My upcoming schedule section on your portal dashboard.

If you have issues or conflicts with an interview schedule, contact your co-op office for assistance.

How to view and edit your co-op work term record

Once you have been placed in or found a co-op job and confirmed this job with your co-op office, a work term record will be created for that term.  This will show up on your co-op dashboard.

A quick summary of each work term is shown on your co-op dashboard. To view and/or edit your full work term record, click work term record detail for that term.

Edit your main work term record

At the top of the record is an overview of your work term record information.  To edit the record, scroll down and find the “edit” button.

Only certain fields are editable by students:

  • Salary information (amount, frequency, and hours per week)
  • Job description
  • Work site address (street address, city, region, province, country, and postal code)
  • Supervisor information (name, title, phone number, and email
    • The supervisor email field has an additional function – the email you enter here will be where the system will send your competency assessments for review and supervisor input.)

Once you have entered your information, scroll to the bottom of the record and click save.

If you notice any errors to information that you are unable to edit, please contact your co-op office for correction.

Create a sub-record to add your contact info during the work term

When viewing your work term record, there is also an option to create a sub-record where you can add your contact information for the duration of the work term (e.g., your temporary home address, a work email or phone number). This information is mandatory for some program areas and optional for others.

Find and click Student contact info during work term. If the sub-record has not already been created, click Create record.

Click Submit when you are finished entering your information. You may come back and edit the information at any time.

This information may be used by your coordinator:

  • When trying to contact you to arrange a work site visit
  • In the unlikely event of an emergency or natural disaster

How to fill our your competency assessment

Login to the portal

  1. Log into the Co-op and Career portal.
    On this page you will see a brief overview on the competency assessment process, all of your past or ongoing assessments, and new competency assessments that still need to be created.
  2. Click on Create to start the process (or on Edit if you have already started).

Part 1 - Describe your learning objectives

  1. In the assessment form, first assess your proficiency level for all core, discipline-specific and Cultural Intelligence (CQ) competencies on a scale from no demonstrated achievement to exemplary. You can click on the blue question marks for information on the assessment scale.
  2. Next, write learning objectives for 3-5 competencies that you will focus on during your work term. Click on the blue question marks beside each competency for more information.
  3. Click Save draft as you go to save your progress.
  4. When you are finished, click on Submit at the top or bottom of the page. This will send an email to your supervisor, notifying them that you have completed this part of the assessment. Please note that once submitted, you can no longer make changes to the form without speaking to your co-op coordinator.
    Tip: If you are not able to finish your assessment in one sitting, you can save a draft and return to it later. Simply click on “Save Draft” on top or the bottom of the page.

Part 2 - Complete your mid-term competency assessment

Mid-way through the term (usually a week before the work site visit), complete the mid-term assessment. Think about and outline how you’ve demonstrated and developed your competencies. Then assess your proficiency for all competencies and comment on the progress of your learning goals and/or comment on other competencies if your goals have shifted. Be prepared to discuss your mid-term assessment with your co-op coordinator and supervisor on the work site visit.

Once you submit your assessment, an email will be sent to your supervisor and they will have the option to also submit comments on your progress. You will receive an email from the system once your supervisor has completed their portion of the assessment.

You can click on Supervisor in the competency assessment to see your supervisor's comments.

Part 3 - Complete your final competency assessment

At the end of the work term, complete your final assessment. Reflect on and assess how you’ve met your learning objectives. Think about and outline how you’ve demonstrated and developed your competencies. Submit this final assessment – it will be visible to your supervisor and co-op coordinator. Once again, your supervisor will receive an email to also submit his/her comments on your progress.

Make sure to download a PDF of your assessment for future reference – click on Download Portfolio PDF at the bottom of the page.

Find your own co-op position

If you're keen to work for a particular employer or in a certain type of role, you may also be able to seek out jobs beyond the Co-op and Career portal by approaching an employer directly. To qualify as a co-op placement, your job must be at least 12 weeks long (420 hours), be paid work and provide you with a learning experience related to your academic program.

Tips for finding your own position:

  • Tell your co-op coordinator that you’re planning to look for your own job. 
  • Make a list of employers you plan to contact—we can tell you if they’ve hired co-op students in the past. Check out job posting sites and work search tips to find ideas.
  • Contact the employers, introduce yourself, and explain your goals, skills and how you can help their organization. Mention that co-op staff are happy to help them through the hiring process.
  • Let them know if they might be eligible for employer funding.

If all goes well, you'll follow the employer’s application and interview process. (If you’re offered a job, tell your co-op office—your employer will need to send the co-op office a written letter of offer. If you’re not successful, thank the employer and keep in touch!)

Applying for positions in the legal controlled substance industry

Accepting a work term in the legal controlled substance industry in Canada (including cannabis and licensed psychedelic substances) could impact your entry to other countries in the future.

Traveling to another country for reasons related to this industry may deem you inadmissible now and in the future. Previous use of psychedelic substances or cannabis, or any other substance prohibited by local law, could also result in you being denied entry to your destination country. You are responsible for learning about the laws of the countries you intend to visit.

If you apply to a job with licensed controlled substance producers or testers, you must be legally eligible to work at Government of Canada authorized licensed drug producers or testers based on federal and provincial industry legislation.

Learn more about the impact for travel and co-op work terms abroad related to cannabis at Learn more about cannabis in the workplace.