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Kinesiology co-op student exercises passion for sports and helping others

Wilson Macdonald

CBI Health Centre

Kinesiology co-op student Wilson Macdonald has always had a passion for sports and exercise. Studying kinesiology has been a way to share his love of sport with other people, so he was thrilled to combine his passion with practice during a co-operative education (co-op) work term with CBI Health Centre in downtown Victoria.

As a physiotherapy aide, Wilson helps treat injuries by guiding patients through proper exercise and stretching techniques, taking patients on group walks and leading stretching and aquatherapy classes. He also treats patients with Inferential Current therapy (IFC), an electrical stimulation that helps circulation and blood flow by tiring out and relaxing muscles.

“The most important thing is to strengthen muscles through exercise, and our role is to help people work through it,” says Wilson. “But for a lot of patients here, who have been dealing with chronic pain for months, or even years, IFC can help them get through the exercises by numbing the pain a bit. It’s pretty neat stuff.”

Wilson has been driven towards a career in physiotherapy through his desire to pursue and share his passion for sport, but also through a newfound love of helping others. “As I moved along in my degree, I realized that my favourite part about it was being able to help other people. Treating athletic injuries or injuries in general allows me to help others get back to whatever it is they love to do.”

Wilson looks forward to following his time at CBI with a full-time career in physiotherapy. “Learning at school has been great—it’s given me a great knowledge base to work from, like anatomy and physiology,” he says. “But doing physiotherapy has really been my goal in the long run. Getting to work here, gaining hands-on experience, and especially experiencing the clinic atmosphere first-hand has proven that this is the career for me.”

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