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EPHE student helps run UVic's recreation centre

Ray Wu

The Centre for Athletics, Recreation and Special Abilities (CARSA)

The Centre for Athletics, Recreation and Special Abilities (CARSA) is the new home of the University of Victoria Vikes.

This world-class facility opened in May 2015 and boasts over 190,000 sq. ft. of floor space. CARSA includes a 2,100-seat performance gym, a huge multipurpose fieldhouse, a two-level fitness weight training area, a Peninsula Co-op Climbing Centre, dance space, dedicated TRX and spin classrooms, yoga studios, squash and racquetball courts, a rowing ergometer centre, a sports injury clinic and a snack bar/refreshment facility. It is also home of CanAssist, which develops technologies, programs and services that help people with disabilities improve their quality of life —CARSA

There are not only school teams using the gym, but also members of the public and UVic students. As a result, CARSA offers lots of courses such as yoga, kendo, tennis, and spin.

From September 2017 to April 2018, I had the opportunity to be a part of the dynamic team that runs the University of Victoria’s recreation centres on campus. Through the working period, I was able to develop my learning experience and apply my academic knowledge in these recreation facilities. As a Facility Equipment Room Attendant, I was scheduled at both the CARSA and McKinnon buildings on campus. It was also my responsibility to check fitness room passes, provide equipment rentals, towel services, attend to field bookings, maintain facilities, wash varsity uniforms, sell locker tokens and help customers register for their programs. At the same time, there is always something happening in the recreation facility, so I’m also taking care of things happening in the gym.

Leadership is a learning competency that I was striving to develop this work term. The right leadership or leadership style can make employees work towards the same goal more efficiently. A leader’s responsibility is to ensure that employees like to work for him/her. As for me, I would like to learn more about the magic of language, so that I can make my team do things more efficiently and with happiness. From this work experience, I have learned that management is such an important competency. It helps me everywhere not only at work but in life.

My personal goal has continued to be working in the recreational field. Through this work experience, I have learned lots about what it takes to manage a recreation facility. Before, I only knew how to teach sports, but now, I can combine those abilities together, to make it work better. This co-op work term helped me learn about so many recreation departments, and how they work together. This work term has reaffirmed my career goals and I will use what I learned to keep building on my skills.

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