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Graham Branton endowment winner works with the health care system in Uganda

Jessica Round

International Christian Medical Institute (ICMI)

To the Board of the Graham Branton Co-operative Education Endowment Fund, 

I am writing to thank you for selecting me to be a recipient of your endowment fund and to give you an update of what I have been doing. 

I am currently in Uganda where I have been working as a teacher’s assistant for the International Christian Medical Institute (ICMI) for their diploma program in Health Administration. Doing this work I have learned lots about the health care system in Uganda as well as general health administration. Currently, some of the students are completing a semester of field work at their places of work and I have had an opportunity to travel with the principal of ICMI to visit these students. This means I have been able to tour all around the country and see the facilities the students work in as well as offer assistance with their research projects.

During the time when ICMI does not need assistance I have been volunteering in a couple hospitals and a place called ACHERU. ACHERU is a rehabilitation center for children with physical disabilities or having recently had orthopedic surgery. At ACHERU I help out in the classroom, working with many different children, some of who have never attended school before coming to ACHERU. At the hospitals I have been assisting in HIV clinics doing jobs such as distributing medicine, taking vitals, and drawing blood. It has been very interesting to see the health care system in a developing nation and to be able to contribute to the wellbeing of those less fortunate than myself. 

Thank you again for supporting me so I can enjoy this amazing opportunity. I look forward to the last 5 weeks I have in Uganda before returning home. 


Jessica Round

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