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General (Canada)

Use these to see a cross-section of opportunities—who's hiring and where.

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Summer jobs

Looking for a local summer job? Summer is a popular season for jobs related to tourism, hospitality, transportation, special events, parks, recreation and summer camps and programs. Many organizations offer special short-term hiring opportunities only available in summer.

These employers can give you some ideas (supplement with the many other sites listed on this page!).

By industry

Use these to see what kinds of opportunities exist in your field and what experience and qualifications they require. There's also a section on freelance work that applies to all sectors.

Accounting and auditing

Agriculture, forestry and fisheries

Arts and culture

Banking and finance

Business and administration

Communications, marketing and public relations

Community, social services and non-profits

Education (K-12)

Education (Post-Secondary)

Engineering and technology

Environment, ecology and life sciences

Freelance work

Short-term freelance work is becoming more popular and more possible, thanks to sites that connect talent to need. Here are just a few sites to get you started:


  • (links to federal, provincial and municipal job posting sites across Canada)


Manufacturing, supply chain, fashion and construction

Mining, oil and gas

Recreation and sport

Sales and service

Tourism and hospitality