PhD supervisors

Are you a supervisor of a PhD graduand attending convocation? You play an important role in their convocation day. As their supervisor you attend convocation, accompany them throughout the ceremony and place a hood over their head during the conferral of degrees. 

When will I know if I have a student convocating?

Approximately one month before convocation you will receive an email from the Dean of Graduate Studies informing you of your students' intention to attend convocation.  The email will include instructions about how to register and what to expect on the day of the ceremony.

What if I am unable to attend convocation?

If you are unable to participate at your student's convocation ceremony please find a representative to take your place and ask them to register using the instructions you received. Your replacement could be a co-supervisor, a committee member or a colleague in your department who also has a PhD student attending.  In the rare occasion that you are unable to find a replacement, the dean can fulfil your role on stage.

What does my participation look like?

You meet your candidate in Clearihue C109 no later than 30 minutes before the start of the ceremony. You walk in the procession to the auditorium with your student and sit together for the duration of the ceremony. You are responsible for carrying your student’s hood (all PhD students are responsible for renting their own regalia from the Bookstore, including the hood).

When instructed by the lead marshal, you and your student will go to the deans' lectern. Your student hands their name strip to the dean who will announce both your names. Once your names are announced walk over to the Chancellor.  Place the hood over your student's head. Once the hood has been placed, you and your student will shake the Chancellor's hand and proceed across the stage to the diploma table.  The student will pick-up their diploma and alumni gift and you will both return to your seats.

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