A conversational voice

The goal of communications is to bring the UVic experience to life. Make the language personal, engaging, and evocative. Use colourful nouns and active verbs that convey real emotions like "explore" or "defy boundaries." We're welcoming and passionate. Be conversational with personal pronouns like "you" and "we." Avoid bureaucratic, institutional language. Write as though you are telling a good friend about an experience that really matters.

Here are a few principles to keep in mind when crafting your communications.

Principle Instead of... Use...
We're personal. Speak directly to your audience. Use first- and second-person pronouns. The university runs a series of open houses for prospective students in October. Join us for one of our open houses in October. We'd love to show you the campus and answer your questions.
We're empathetic. Show we really care with inclusive, welcoming language! Students have access to academic support resources. We know that your first weeks can seem overwhelming. Right from the start, your academic advisor provides practical advice on [x].
We're optimistic and passionate. Inspire people with a sense of possibilities. The university is involved in important research. We tackle essential issues that matter—to people, places and the planet.
We're smart but accessible. Respect the intelligence of our audiences without being esoteric. Our approach disambiguates the relationship between experiential and theoretical learning while building on synergies across disciplines. Our multi-disciplinary approach combines the best of theory and hands-on experience.