The UVic Edge story

The UVic Edge story is short and simple. It's not intended to be prescriptive language, though the key terms should always be used (dynamic learning, vital impact and extraordinary academic environment). Edge messaging should be applied whenever you're talking about UVic and its programs to our key audiences.

The UVic Edge comes from the powerful fusion of three ingredients:

  1. Dynamic learning that creates a natural advantage for our students: research-inspired teaching integrated with hands-on experiences to accelerate personal growth and career success.
  2. Vital impact that drives our sense of purpose: as an internationally renowned teaching and research hub we tackle essential issues that matter—to people, places and the planet.
  3. Our extraordinary academic environment that inspires new ways of thinking and bold action: discovery, creativity and innovation come naturally here, in a vibrant Pacific Rim community rich with Indigenous and international perspectives.

The UVic Edge—dynamic learning and vital impact in Canada's most extraordinary environment for discovery and innovation.

Together, these elements nurture creative activity and ground us in the urgency of sustainability and healthy societies; shape our world view with Indigenous and international perspectives; and fuel our commitment to economic well-being, technological advances, and social justice.