Messages for key audiences

Our core messages can be adapted to suit the priorities of specific audiences, but it’s important that we use the same tone across our diverse audiences. Just because we're speaking to students, for example, doesn’t mean we speak like students.

One way to bring the key messages into a vocabulary that our audiences best understand is through the use of quotations rooted in personal experience. When we describe a term like vital impact we can use a student quote to create meaning, context and benefit in an authentic voice with the right vocabulary.


Choose Canada's best environment for dynamic learning and discovery experiences that will give you a valuable edge, personally and professionally.

"I kept saying 'I can't believe I'm in class right now,' when we were hiking through a national park, talking to locals in a village, or wandering through a palace. I realized the value of experiential learning opportunities like these. Instead of simply learning about topics, we saw them first-hand and had the opportunity to engage with them."—Geography student Julia Bennett, about a field school in India

Faculty and staff

Pursue a meaningful career in the world’s best environment for dynamic learning and discovery—a place where you can create vital impact.

"UVic ties together my greatest passions. Here, my research matters and that's something I carry forward to the students I teach and work with each day. I work with a team of committed and passionate scholars working on big issues within a community where I’ve made lifelong friends and mentors. All this wrapped up in a beautiful environment in which to think, teach and live."—sample professor quote

Alumni, donors and partners

Engage with us in the world's best environment for dynamic learning, discovery and meaningful partnerships. The impact we create together is vital to people, places and our planet.

"The health of the ocean affects everybody. My supervisor, Dr. Tunnicliffe, taught me that we have to take risks in our research. A lot of what we try to do doesn't work, but when it does, it's a game changer."—Donor funding helped Ocean Sciences PhD student, Jackson Chu, build equipment to pursue a new method for measuring the metabolism of animal samples