Core palette

Our traditional colours—red, yellow and blue—remain, but with the development of the UVic Edge we've shifted them from what were essentially primary colours to make them relate more to our natural environment. They're now modern and more vibrant, reflecting UVic's personality. We've also introduced a second shade of blue, as a background and potential colour for type.

Core colour palette values

  UVic blue UVic yellow UVic red UVic dark blue
Pantone solid coated (for spot colour printing) 300 C 124 C 1795 C 648 C
Pantone colour bridge coated (for cmyk printing) 300 PC
C99 M50 Y0 K0
124 PC
C0 M30 Y100 K0
1795 PC
C0 M96 Y93 K2
648 PC
C100 M71 Y9 K56
RGB (for electronic displays) RGB: 0, 94, 184 RGB: 234, 170, 0 RGB: 210, 38, 48 RGB: 0, 46, 93
Hex (for web) #005493 #F5AA1C #C63527 #002754