Complementary faculty colours

There are eight complementary colours for the UVic Edge, one for each faculty within the core brand. These colours, first developed in 2008, have been adjusted to support the core colour palette and reproduce well in print and electronic media. The complementary colours are a way for faculties to distinguish themselves from each other and for the university to have a strong visual organization system, but they're not meant to be "identities" for those faculties or to compete with the core Edge colours, which now have a more prominent and consistent role in communications and marketing materials.

They're used in faculty materials to support and complement the core colours. Design balance between the two is important in order to ensure visual integrity and consistency, and to immediately confirm with audiences that the unit is part of UVic.

Complementary colour palette values

Faculty Pantone solid coated
(for spot colour printing)
Pantone colour bridge coated
(for cmyk printing)
(for electronic displays)
(for web)
Education        7460 CP C100 M6 Y2 K10 R0 G113 B188 0171BC
Engineering 2018 CP C0 M58 Y95 K0 R255 G117 B0 F08415
Fine Arts 2418 CP C100 M0 Y97 K13 R0 G135 B62 00894C
Human and Social Development 306 CP C75 M0 Y5 K0 R0 G181 B226 00AAD5
Humanities 2347 CP C0 M88 Y100 K0 R225 G6 B0 D64500
Law 7678 CP C74 M85 Y0 K0 R104 G71 B141 523E7C
Science 3275 CP C90 M0 Y52 K0 R0 G179 B152 009C90
Social Sciences 368 CP C65 M0 Y100 K0 R120 G190 B32 69A81D

The Peter B. Gustavson School of Business, the Division of Medical Sciences and the Division of Continuing Studies are not on this list pending discussions about their appropriate place within the Edge brand architecture.