Sub-brands require a level of differentiation. Some operate in a distinct competitive field and require a different market position to be successful. Some serve a discrete or niche audience. Sub-brands often have their own distinct name outside of the UVic department naming structure, but are complementary to the core mission of the university. They often have significant marketing budgets of their own.

Each sub-brand's relationship with the core brand will be different, dependent on needs and the nature of its connection to the university. This relationship will be outlined in a specific agreement for that sub-brand.

They must use the university logo, but it can, with approval, be used secondarily to their own logo, as long as the UVic logo is in appropriate proximity/prominence. When required, the unit logo must contain a UVic ownership statement, so that its ownership by the university is clear to audiences. Sub-brand units may alternatively use a combined logo with approval. Sub-brands include certain externally focused UVic events that need an identity outside the core brand.

The following units are sub-brands, though the full list is still being developed: