UVic Edge campaign

Cambria Logan, an engineering alum, is featured in one of the ads.

Reputation is a key factor in UVic's goal to attract the best students, faculty and staff. And to attract donors, partners, and funders, and for national and international standing.

For the last three years, we've run campaigns that support this goal. We've reached opinion leaders in Ottawa and Vancouver, and students in BC, Alberta and Ontario. As a result, we've seen increased awareness, understanding and interest in UVic.


The goal of this year's campaign is to show that our students, researchers and alumni make an impact on the world. Our audience is people in Vancouver who influence student perceptions. This includes parents, community members and business leaders. Reaching this group will help shape how the best students see UVic.

The campaign themes are engineering, climate, oceans and co-op. These are some of the areas where we continue to work with and seek support from partners, donors and various levels of government.


  • Student, researcher and alumni story ads will run in newspapers and at the Vancouver airport
  • Reputation and rankings ads will run on news websites
  • Video story ads will run on LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Stories/op-eds will run in various publications
  • Landing pages will feature resources, stories and facts about UVic

Print ads

Video ads

See more videos from the Impact playlist on YouTube.

Ad schedule

This chart (xlsx) shows what ads are running where and when. Some dates may change.