Ask alumni


What should you do after graduating? How do you translate the skills learned at university onto your resume? What exactly does alumni mean?

In this eight-part video series, UVic grads Sybil Verch, Asiyah Robinson and Ian Case share their insights, knowledge and wisdom with students looking for advice.


1. What is an alumna, alumnus and alumni? What’s the best thing about being a part of UVic alumni?


2. What’s the best way to juggle a heavy course load? What are some tips for dealing with stress during exam time?



3. As an international student, how did you decide where you were going to stay after university? What’s something at UVic that prepared you for the workforce?


4. How did you implement the skills you learned at UVic onto your resume? Knowing what you know now, what would you have done differently as a student?


5. What’s one hidden gem on campus that not many people know about? Where is your favourite spot to relax on campus?

6. If you’re new to campus, what’s the best way to meet people? What’s the best part about being a student at UVic? 


7. What’s one piece of advice for students considering grad school? What’s your advice for students who don’t know what to do after graduating?


8. What are some campus resources to help you get your first job after graduating? What’s your advice for students wondering about the transition from school life to the real world?