June 2022 Payroll update

Minimum wage increase

BC’s minimum wage has increased to $15.65/hour as of June 1st 2022. HR and Payroll has increased the hourly rates for anyone with a regular hourly rate below the new minimum wage.

If you are keying extra, please make sure that you are keying a rate at or above $15.65/hour for hours worked after June 1st.

New process for Indigenous TD1 forms

In Late 2021 the CRA updated the TD1-IN form to include a section that is completed by the employer. Employees seeking a tax exemption for work on reserve would:

  1. Complete the employee portion of the TD1-IN form
  2. Have the Director or Chair complete the employer portion of the form (the same as they would complete the T2200[S])
  3. Provide Payroll with a copy of the completed form, specifying time frame.

 Payroll will provide an exemption at source (no tax deducted) for anyone that is 100% exempt. For anyone that is less than 100% exempt, an adjustment will be made to the T4 so that the CRA can calculate the correct exemption.

TD1-IN forms are automatically continued into the next year. If there is a change, a new form is required. As part of this process, we started to send out reminders to employees at the beginning of the calendar year.

New/revised time entry reports

We have updated the Time Entry reports under the Jobs menu in FAST HR.

  • Time entry roster – A listing of your staff and how their time entry has been setup.
    • The employee class has been added to the report and to the filter list
    • The supervisor has been removed, and the current time entry approver has been added.
    • Removed a few columns, like e-mail.
    • We renamed it from Time Entry Method, to Time Entry Roster
  • Approval Queue – A report of how time entry approvals are setup for your staff
    • Misc. bug fixes
    • Note: This report reads Left to Right. Approvals can occur at the Job, Org, or Position level. This report shows what has been setup for approvers at each level. The left-most approver being the one that approves that specific job.

Budget loaded

The Budget Office has loaded budgets for the 2022/2023 fiscal year, and they are now available in FAST Finance.